Brand's Lutein Essence for Better Eye Health- Does it work? [Review]

Today's post is something that I've been pretty excited to share with you about! If you follow me on Instagram (, you'd probably already have seen me talking about Lutein Essence from Brand's.

You must be asking, what even is lutein essence? 

Simply put, Lutein protects our eyes from harmful free radical damage by absorbing and filtering blue light.

And what might "blue light" be? 

As the official Brand's website explains, "blue light is part of the visible light spectrum that reaches deeper into the eyes and can cause damage to the retina."

So where does blue light come from?

Little do we know, our eyes are exposed to blue light quite often. Electronic screens from our devices emit blue light- devices such as our smartphones, laptops and tablets.

I'm excited to tell you about this product because unlike many other supplements I've tried, taking this product actually shows visible results!

I jumped onboard the #bluelightdiet for 12 days, thanks to Brand's and Try and Review.

While taking the supplement, I followed the following guidelines in the diet:

  • Step 1: Follow the 20-20-20 Rule
    • Take a 20 second break from looking at your electronic screens every 20 minutes, and look at an object 20 feet (about 6.1 metres) away. 
  • Step 2: Turn off or put away all screens 
    • Do so 2-3 hours before going to bed. This includes mobile phones, tablet and TV.
  • Step 3: Take one bottle of Brand's Lutein Essence everyday
    • This is to support vision health.

Step 1 and 2 are for better eye health, even if you don't drink Brand's Lutein Essence, it'd be beneficial for you to try them out!

I stopped taking all other supplements when I started on the #BlueLightDiet, just to see how effective it really is at helping to alleviate my dry and tired eye symptoms. Speaking of which...

So who should be drinking Brand's Lutein Essence?

This product is great for people with blurred vision, tired eyes, dry eyes and/or those with frequent headaches.

If your work requires you to be exposed to blue light from your computer or mobile phone frequently, this would be an amazing product for you to try.

Did it help improve my vision?

No. This isn't something you drink to magically improve your eyesight, although it can help in the long run. Pretty much the only thing that might help you to get rid of those glasses permanently is to get LASIK.

If you want to learn more about LASIK, keep an eye on this blog because I'm going to be writing about my expereince and opening the floor for any Q&As.

So what is it good for? 

After 6-7 days of drinking lutein essence, I no longer had to rely on my eyedrops almost everyday like I used to! This helped to make my work online more comfortable, as my eyes no longer felt like they were going to shrivel up and fall out of my eye sockets from the dryness.

My eyes also felt less strained, and I didn't have to squint my eyes to protect them when the wind blew in my direction. (Yes, my eyes were that dry, but it probably was due to my LASIK surgery in June 2016.)

By the time we reached Day 12, the last day of the #BlueLightDiet, I barely noticed the wind blowing in my eyes anymore, and I was able to work comfortably in a dry, air-conditioned room and on my laptop.

As my eyes were not screaming from dryness every few minutes, I was also blessed with clearer vision. The 20-20-20 Rule helped me greatly as well!

Did it help improve my eye health?

It's a firm YES from me, as I didn't have to rely on eyedrops anymore, which I had been using almost daily ever since my LASIK surgery in mid-2016!

My eyes didn't feel tired anymore when I was working, and my vision was even slightly clearer, which was something I didn't expect (since I refuse to wear my glasses, I had to accept that my vision would be slightly blurry right?).

I even received this cute eye mask, which reminds me to put away my electronic devices (and resist their allure!) and rest my eyes before bed.

To be honest, I didn't always stick to Step 2 of the guidelines, but I do rest my eyes for at least an hour before bed!

Sending blue light into my eyes again and again by just using my phone!

We're all exposing our eyes to blue light, some more than others, but not one of us is able to produce lutein!

Like vitamins and minerals, we have to look for an external source of lutein as our body just isn't able to produce it. External sources could be in the food we eat, or in supplements (just like iron or Vitamin C tablets).

And who would've thought that an eye health supplement could taste so good?

It has a tangy sweet taste, much like a fully ripe raspberry or blackcurrant, and like all other bottles of Brand's supplements, each bottle is compact, sealed tightly and easy to carry around. In fact, my trip to Japan fell in the middle of the #BlueLightDiet, so I brought them along with me!

It was in the dry atmosphere of the airplane and in the wintry dry environment of Japan that I realized just how much the lutein essence helped to improve my eye health.

The skin on my fingers were so dry that the dead skin is still peeling off right as I'm typing this out (ew tmi??), but my eyes were totally fine!

If you're unsure of whether you want to try Brand's Lutein Essence, you can do a quick self-evaluation to see if there are any bad habits to get rid of, such as:
  • Sitting too close to your TV
  • Using your smartphone or tablet in the dark
  • Forgetting to blink when looking at digital screens
  • Staring at your computer for more than 2 hours at a time
Get rid of those habits, adopt Step 1 and Step 2 as new habits, and watch your eye health improve! 

I really appreciate receiving 12 bottles of Brand's Lutein Essence to test and review! I might not have purchased these at the store, because 1. I'm already taking a number of supplements and 2. supplements are a hit and miss tbh.

There usually isn't a way to measure the effectiveness of any supplement we take. If there's a way, let me know how!

Now that I can surely say that this product works, I'm caught between wanting to buy it and not wanting to spend so much money on it. It's $22.90 for 6 bottles, and the recommended dosage is 1 bottle a day.

A 30-day month would cost me $114.50, which would be $1,374 in a year!

I would definitely reach for Lutein Essence again when I have severe dry/tired eyes again (probably when I'm working overtime or travelling to a drier climate), but not on a daily basis.

What do you think, would you try Brand's Lutein Essence?

All opinions are my own.

UPDATE: Buy from and get $3.00 off your purchase (valid till 31 March 2018).


  1. Great review, Anna! I noticed bad changes going on with my eyes and vision lately. I blame Instagram! But this product sounds awesome. I also saw on Shark Tank that there are glasses you can get that block the blue light. I might need all the armor against blue light.

    1. Hey Jenny! I can finally reply on this comment lol! Turns out, I was messing around on the coding and messed it up so I wasn't able to reply comments... Silly me. See you around! :)

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