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New audiobook app in Singapore + GIVEAWAY

Hey all!

Recently, I've been trying out a new app that just launched in Singapore! It's Storytel, a premium app that allows for unlimited access to over 800,000 titles, and they're adding more!

Disclaimer: I am not paid to write a blog post for Storytel, though I am in partnership with them to give three winners prizes via a giveaway! Read till the end for details.

By now, audiobooks are no long a novel-ty (ah, see what I did there? #amipunny #probablynot), and the reading community remains divided on it.

Some of us prefer the physical touch of handling a paperback or a hardcover. Others lavish the convenience of thousands of books in one device. Regardless, audiobooks have proven that they're here to stay!

Before Storytel, I didn't really try audiobooks, save for some previews, simply because those previews made me cringe! I really disliked the voices they used. One, I remember, had a man adopting a high-pitched voice to narrate a woman's part in a story previ…

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