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How I overcame hair loss and regained hair strength | Cove Hairlab by Cove Aesthetics

People ask me how I have so much hair, and tell me how lucky I am to have naturally dark, wavy hair. I'm here to reveal the not-so-secret secret behind my locks! I don't even have "a lot of hair", as you'll find out. A professional analysis will really tell you a lot about your scalp and hair health. Read on and see for yourself (photos of the results of my hair and scalp analysis ahead)! On 16 March 2020, I visited Cove Hairlab at Wheelock Place to do a hair and scalp analysis. If you've never heard of Cove Hairlab, it's probably because it's fairly new. From its highly knowledgeable consultants to its impeccable service, I think it will become quite popular with those who are seeking to improve their hair and scalp health! For convenience's sake, I'm going to assume my consultant's name is Amber (because her necklace said so lol). Cove Hairlab (by Cove Aesthetics) has doctor-designed hair and scalp treatments to combat hai

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