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SmartPac- Snail Mail that isn't, Part 1 [ Annaxiu Reviews ]

I'm a frequent patron of post offices- I just have a penchant for snail mail. With everything electronic these days, there's just a novelty factor in snail mail that I enjoy. I even send the occasional postcard home when I'm abroad!

I use SmartPacs with SingPost whenever I feel like surprising someone with snail mail. Isn't it fun to receive mail in the post?

What is SmartPac? 

SmartPac is totally fuss-free! SmartPac is for domestic deliveries only, and it's a prepaid postage service that comes with 24-hour tracking and assured next day doorstep delivery.

All you have to do is to purchase SmartPac from the post office or from Shop@Singpost, fill in the details of sender & recipient, then drop your SmartPac at any SingPost bulk posting box at the post office or street posting box!

And just so you know, there are 57 post offices and more than 800 posting boxes.

Benefits of SmartPac: 

It's lightweight and convenient- there's no need to weigh each package you …

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