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Hey everyone!

I got my hands on some newly-launched fancy perfume, and I just had to share with you about it! I'm not talking about body perfume, btw. 

Usually, I spritz some no-brand air freshener or Frebreeze to freshen up my place, but lately, I've been using a perfume-type freshener. Yep, the first perfume-type freshener ever- it's literally a perfume for your home! 

Developed by a renowned European perfume house and released by Taiwanese brand Les Parfums de Farcent, this perfume-type freshener looks amazing in a glass perfume bottle and has a long-lasting effect. 

In today's review, I'll be sharing with you about the 3 fragrances: Star Magnolia, Freesia & English Pear and Sea Salt & Wood Sage.

Star Magnolia fragrance

In my opinion, the Star Magnolia fragrance looks the best! I really like the light pink and black look. the Star Magnolia is a light and delicate fragrance that revitalises your space subtly.

Freesia & English Pear fragrance
The Freesia & English Pear fragrance is my favourite out of the three! It smells delicious, just like fresh pears. The sweet smell is nicely balanced by the freesia, so I don't go hungry at its delectable aroma everyday. Instead, it's refreshing and relaxes me.

Sea Salt & Wood Sage fragrance

The Sea Salt & wood Sage fragrance, in my opinion, is the most masculine out of the three. I enjoy the earthy, calming scent. I think it's perfect to help me wind down with a hot cup of tea after a long day.

For each fragrance, there's two designs for you to choose from: perfumed diffuser or perfumed sachets. Read on for more details!

Type 1: Perfumed Diffuser

Top to bottom: Freesia & English Pear, Sea Salt & Wood Sage, Star Magnolia

Each fragrance comes in its own classy perfume shaped glass bottle with 6 diffuser sticks each. Each diffuser stick is made from a Japanese plant deodorizer to bring fresh air into your home or workspace! 

With the sticks in the glass bottle, this perfumed diffuser looks fashionable and modern no matter which angle you view it from. I daresay it looks great as a display item on my bedside table, and I fall asleep to a delicate pink magnolia fragrance every night. 

I'm using the Sea Salt & Wood Sage Perfumed Diffuser in my dining room now! 

How to use Farcent Perfumed Diffuser:
  1. Unscrew the gold cap of glass bottle and remove the plastic plug
  2. Screw the gold cap back onto the glass perfume bottle
  3. Insert diffuser sticks
  4. Place your perfumed diffuser on flat surfaces and wait for the smell to release
  5. Adjust the number of diffuser sticks to control the aroma concentration (As a general guideline, I use more sticks for a larger space.)
Each stick lasts up to 4-8 weeks. 

As you can see in the photo above, I used 3 out of the 6 sticks for my Sea Salt & Wood Sage Perfumed Diffuser. I just adore how it makes my dining area look classier! 

Type 2: Perfumed Sachets

Top left: Freesia & English Pear. Top Right: Sea Salt & Wood Sage. Bottom: Pink Magnolia

Each sachet looks fashionable in its simple design, and comes with a black ribbon for easy attachment onto whatever you want. You could hang it in your wardrobe or car, or place it inside your drawer. You could even carry it around in your handbag if you want to! 

I'm currently using the pink magnolia perfumed sachet in my wardrobe. It even has the added bonus of adding some colour to my wardrobe!

I'm using the black ribbon that comes with each purchase to hang it from my wardrobe.

How to use Farcent Perfumed Sachets:
  1. Remove perfumed sachets from pouch
  2. Insert ribbon through the hole at the top of the sachet
  3. Hang it in wardrobe, car or simple place it in your drawer, cabinet or handbag

Each sachet lasts up to 30 days.

The packaging for these perfume-type fragrances look so good, they'd make for perfect gifts for special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays!

All these Les Parfums de Farcent fresheners are IFRA certified to be safe and are of high quality scented materials, so you can use them/gift them with pride and ease of mind.

I'd recommend you try these out for yourself! For those who prefer a sample of what you'll be getting before purchasing, you can redeem free samples of the sachets from Sample Store at the links below:

You can find them online at the Sample Store. There's even a special promotion for members (signing up for membership is complimentary, btw!):

Alternatively, you can also buy them from: Fairprice, Sheng Shiong, K-ART Showrooms and e-Store,  Qoo10 and Lazada!


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