How I overcame hair loss and regained hair strength | Cove Hairlab by Cove Aesthetics

People ask me how I have so much hair, and tell me how lucky I am to have naturally dark, wavy hair. I'm here to reveal the not-so-secret secret behind my locks!

I don't even have "a lot of hair", as you'll find out. A professional analysis will really tell you a lot about your scalp and hair health. Read on and see for yourself (photos of the results of my hair and scalp analysis ahead)!

On 16 March 2020, I visited Cove Hairlab at Wheelock Place to do a hair and scalp analysis. If you've never heard of Cove Hairlab, it's probably because it's fairly new. From its highly knowledgeable consultants to its impeccable service, I think it will become quite popular with those who are seeking to improve their hair and scalp health!

For convenience's sake, I'm going to assume my consultant's name is Amber (because her necklace said so lol).

Cove Hairlab (by Cove Aesthetics) has doctor-designed hair and scalp treatments to combat hair loss, regain hair strength and even defy grey hair through their Stem Cell Nutrition Therapies.

My first impression was that it was quite a luxurious place, not only because it was located in town, but also because of the professional uniforms that every consultant wore and its sleek white walls and artistic light fixtures.

Let's get straight into the main event, which is my review of the treatment I received (Advance Repair Scalp Treatment).

First, the analysis of my current scalp and hair condition. While brief, it revealed a lot of information! Check out the data from just 5 minutes of analysis:

Hair thickness: 0.8mm
Scalp type: Oily, with slight presence of dead skin cells/slightly clogged pores
Scalp sensitivity: Slightly sensitive
Follicle density: Spaced slightly far apart, 1-2 strands per follicle
Follicle size: Small

Amber explained each part of the analysis and answered all my questions without hesitation. Her product knowledge gave me confidence in the services that Cove Hairlab would provide to me, as I was reassured that she was professional and knew exactly what she was doing.

I won't go through each part of the analysis (drop a comment below if you have questions), but here's an example. For follicle size, Amber explained that the small follicles I have makes it harder for nutrients to be absorbed as compared to larger follicles.

Read on to see the tangible difference in the follicle size before and after my treatment (with photographic proof)!
Before the treatment at Cove Hairlab by Cove Aesthetics

Next, the actual treatment!

Based on the results from my analysis, Amber provided me with the Advance Repair Scalp Treatment, which helps with hair loss and also cleanses pores. Here's what this treatment comprises of:

  1. Oxy Cleanse: To dislodge dead skin cells
  2. Scalp Mask: To soften dead skin cells and provide scalp with nutrients 
  3. Scalp Massage: To stimulate the scalp and enhance absorption of nutrients from the scalp mask
  4. Shampoo: To rinse out the scalp mask and dead skin cells
  5. Blow Dry: Leave the hair damp for the next step
  6. Hair Tonic: Applied onto damp scalp/hair (stem cell therapy)
  7. Finish blow dry: To look fabulous

For those who prefer pictures, below are pictures of this process:
Oxy cleanse: To clear dead skin cells

Scalp Mask: To soften dead skin cells and provide scalp with nutrients (plant-derived peptides)

(Not pictured) 
- A very brief 30 seconds long scalp massage: To stimulate the scalp and enhance absorption of nutrients from the scalp mask

A private space in the same room, so no more unglam walking from your seat to the shampoo area!

The very thorough shampoo session is not pictured here, for the simple reason that I don't want to show you my double chin when I'm lying down. 

This step is to rinse out the scalp mask (formula created by Cove Hairlab's own R&D team!) and dead skin cells. 

After washing out the hair mask

Blow drying my hair, leaving it damp (yes, that's a Dyson hairdryer)

Hair Tonic: Derived from their very own R&D, applied onto damp scalp/hair (stem cell therapy)

After the approximately hour-long treatment, I can feel the difference in my scalp- it felt rather refreshed! You may think that it feels refreshed because I literally just had someone wash my hair for me.

Well, yes.

So that's why I have pictures of the post-treatment analysis to show you the difference! Disclaimer- It might look gross to some people, so scroll down at your own risk!


Scalp Status (left: after; right: before)

In the above photo of my scalp status analysis, you can see that the dead skin cells (from the pic on the right) has been reduced (in the pic on the left). Dead skin cells can clog your hair follicles/pores, which affects hair and scalp health in the long run, as it causes poorer absorption of nutrients.

Dead skin cells are the tiny flaky things you see, for example, on the lower right corner of the picture on the right.

Hair Pore Status (left: after; right: before)

You can see in the above hair pore status that the pore is slightly enlarged and free of oils and dead skin cells, making it easier for nutrient absorption.

It's difficult to see the enlarged pore size after one treatment, but it's obvious that the dead skin cells are greatly reduced. Repeated treatment can help to improve the effects.

Each hair follicle should have 2-4 strands of hair, but I only have 1-2 strands of hair (some of which are very thin and weak), so this is indicative of my unhealthy scalp! This is why I recommend my friends to go for scalp scans- it will give you an idea of how healthy your scalp is.

At Cove Hairlab’s medispa, there are also hair homecare products, such as the 4-step homecare for hair: Detox, Wash, Repair, Nutrition. Homecare is very important for everyone, and not just for people who may be currently facing some scalp or hair issues.

After experiencing the Advance Repair Scalp Treatment at Cove Hairlab by Cove Aesthetics

A big thank you to the Sample Store for giving me this opportunity to try the hair and scalp treatment at Cove Hairlab!

And as always, feel free to comment below or email me ( with any questions you may have! 

Cove Hairlab offers services with first trial promotions such as:

  • Deep Cleanse Scalp Therapy First Trial at $38
  • Hair Growth Program First Trial at $68
  • Dark Hair Program First Trial $68

Address: Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road #04-07B, S(238880)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am to 8pm, Sat: 9.30am to 3.30pm (Closed on Sundays & PH)
Book an appointment at +65 8299 2920 (Call or WhatsApp)


Yay for reading all the way to the end! In light of the Coronavirus scare, I just wanted to add that my partner and I had to sign a travel declaration form and sanitise our hands upon arrival to the medispa, as part of the preventative measures against the Coronavirus. This made me feel more assured of the hygiene and cleanliness at Cove Hairlab, tbh.

After filling up the registration form, a consultant brought my partner and I to a small room with two seats. As you can see in the picture below, it was spotless and just as sleek as the exterior of Cove Hairlab.

Lastly, just to be clear, this is my first time at Cove Hairlab by Cove Aesthetics, but I have tried scalp treatments at other medispas previously. That's why I have confidence in such treatments and recommend my friends to get professional scalp analysis, too.

Well, that's all for this post! If you're on Instagram, I'd love for you to connect with me See you there!

Stay safe!


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