Blogshop Festival Haul

On 1 December, a totally fantastic event was held at the Beer Market. Frankly, I'd never go near a place called Beer Market- beer's just too bitter for me to enjoy- but because a ton of clothes and accessories were on sale in there that day, I even queued up to get in! 

It wasn't in vain. Here's my mad haul!
I went a little crazy.

Super happy with my buys, I spent less than $80 and got all of those NEW items. There were some blogshops I recognized- EatingZombies, Riot Loco, Marked Down Market, Ohsofickle, etc. I suppose they're not trendy any more, but what do I care as long as I like them and I can look good in them?

After shopping, my shopping accomplice (who managed to resist the honey-sweet calls of "closing sales, everything going for $4! and went home with not a single purchase) went for a walk. We were dying of hunger. Naturally, I had Korean food at the food court. It wasn't half bad! She had Hor Fun. 

Then we were able to totally enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations both outside and inside the mall! 

Huge glittery baubles
A short show of remote controlled kites decked out in bright flashy lights
Bubbles floating away into the night sky... looks like shooting stars though <3

Couldn't resist using an iPhone app to create a collage.. the novelty of a smart phone hasn't worn off yet!

The last bit of X'mas magic we saw was this amazing edible house! There's even gingerbread men living in the house- too cute! I should have collaged these instead of the above, but now I'm too lazy to do so.

Jipaban Haul with Xiu Hua next! :D



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