The Star Vista at Buona Vista

Don't worry, Xiu Hua! I'll definitely wait for you to come back for the Jipaban post! :D

I'm beginning to really love the new mall at Buona Vista! Yep, I'm talking about none other than the Star Vista! (aka The Star)

The Star Vista has an interesting outdoor concept, whereby all walkways are not air-conditioned. There's plenty of fans to keep you cool, and most stores are air-conditioned.

It's been so rainy lately that I'm really thankful for the sheltered walkway from Buona Vista to the mall. 

It's full of food. Excessively so, in my opinion. There's not many shops there if you're not looking for food. I think about 50 out of the approximately 90 stores sells food. For a full directory, click here

I've only been to The Kitchen, PORN'S Sexy Thai Food and Boston Seafood Shack- so far. ;)

Credits to chooyutshing
The Kitchen is the food court located on the 3rd floor. Nothing much to say, it's quite typical and average. I love the variety and I'm not that much of a picky eater.

The best part (to me) is that it has a Korean store in it, and that store sells spicy rice cakes, so I LOVE IT.

Credits to Porn's Facebook page

No photos were taken at PORN's. :(

The food is surprisingly good! Located on Level 2, this fairly new yet thriving business is opened by Pornsak- hence the name, I suppose!

I say surprisingly because I actually dislike Thai food. I don't even know why. But since my friend had a craving for Thai food... Thai food it is! 

We ordered some Gang Kaew Gai (Green Curry with Chicken), Pad Thai Talay (Pad Thai Seafood), Tom Yum Talay (Tom Yum with Seafood) and Khao Pad Sapparod (Pineapple Fried Rice).

My FAVOURITE is the green curry. The curry was so thick and flavourful! Don't even let me get started on how tender the chicken was! It's not very spicy, so if you love spicy food, maybe you wouldn't enjoy it as much as I did. 

In second place... Pad Thai Seafood! It's not too oily and has that typical sweet and sour taste that Thai food is usually associated with, but the taste isn't overly strong. Loves~

If you love spicy foods, try the Tom Yum Seafood. I couldn't even get a few sips down before I gave up! To a person who can't really take spicy foods, I just felt like I was drinking from a bowl of pepper water. 

Unfortunately, I was starving and so, I tucked into my food like a pig with a vengence. I'm not sure what the Pineapple fried rice tasted like since I poured green curry all over it.

The bill came up to around $40... maybe. I shall have to check my credit card bill. It's always harder to remember when I don't actually count notes and coins out.

In any case, the food wasn't dirt cheap but very reasonably priced. Definitely worth a visit! It's no wonder they  already have 4 outlets in Singapore despite being such a green horn in the F&B industry- you can find outlets at Liang Seah Street, Mt Faber (Safra) and Junction 10.

They sell really cute t-shirts too! It's basically their logo (the adorable elephant's behind), complete with the restaurant's name. BUT! It's also really cheeky because from afar, the shirt can be mistaken to say this "I LOVE PORN'S". ;P

Each t-shirt costs $29.90 and comes in 4 colours- yellow, pink, blue and green.

But don't quote me. I went there 2 weeks ago and without photos, I am really not confident of my memory. Lol.

Credits to therantingpanda
I need to be less shy about taking pictures. -,-"

The Boston Seafood Shack had a really good deal, so ZM and I decided to give it a try. No regrets! 

We tried the Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal for fish and chips. We tried the snapper and barramundi, and both were fantastically tasty for that price! Servings were quite generous, and I don't mean it like there's a lot of batter and very little fish to make it look like it's a big serving of food. :D

To make our fried dinner more sinful, we each topped up $2.50 for a canned drink and cookie!

ZM is CRAZY about the Lobster Bisque. It really does taste quite heavenly though. I don't know how they make it, but it's thick and very addictive. Once you taste that first savoury sip, you'll want to keep going!

It's a self-service concept at Boston Seafood Shack. You place an order at the cashier, get your own drink, own food and seat yourself. I managed to snap two photos before I felt like ZM was giving me odd looks so I stopped.

The buzzer lit up with red lights and vibrated so violently that it made ZM jump!

The entire restaurant is very well themed with non other than a nautical design- duh!

We still prefer Manhattan Fish Market and Fish & Co, but this is still pretty great!

Btw, the 1 for 1 Deal is valid till 31 December 2012.  :D

I love the store there that sells K memorabilia! Writing this post makes me realize I really need to work on my observation skills... and memory.

Regardless, this store is full of knick knacks- badges, notebooks, pens, phone covers and even colour-changing lipsticks! Look what I found!

And here's me ending this post abruptly.


UPDATE: We didn't do the Jipaban post in the end, and it seems that Jipaban is now defunct!


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