Singapore Korean International School (SKIS)

제 이름이 수화예요~

Short history about myself: a NTU EEE grad who is currently working in an engineering company.
After i started working, I realised that:

1. my life is boring and mundane
2. my brain thinking process is slowing down
3. my weight is increasing  (okays...this is not a contributing factor!!)

I suddenly felt LOST, so i decided to learn something new and challenging: KOREAN!

I started to do research on the best school to study korean and i finally settled down on one:

Address: 71 Bukit Tinggi Road (website:

The place sounds super ulu right?? The first thing i did was to go "" to check out the exact location! and indeed, it is ULU T.T

I started to explore their website and realised that there is FREE SHUTTLE BUS #yipppppes to and fro from Newton MRT and Clementi MRT, thus making the place more accessible. The downside?? There's only ONE timing for the shuttle bus, either you make it, or u dont. Thus pls be punctual or reach a lil earlier so that u need not cab in!!

Wondering how the classroom looks like??

TATA~~ here you go!! cute right?? little chairs and tables!! its their classroom for the elementary kids!!

Now your next question must be: hmmm, wad textbook are they using??

*drum rolls* YONSEI textbook!! however, i heard from the teachers there that previously they are using kyunghee textbooks. now all changing over to yonsei, which is more challenging compared to kyunghee.

As seen from the above pix, the textbook is v colourful and contain exercises for us to complete! how abt the workbook then, u may ask?? 

Workbook wise, they have a variety of interesting ways to ask abt the questions! cool right? haha!!

Personally I feel that Yonsei Textbook is good, however, u do need to work hard as well, if not u will be easily lost~~

For the past 9 months, i dedicated every tues and thurs, 7-9pm for my korean lessons!! my fren and colleagues ard me keep asking me this qn: 你不累吗?

My std answer?? as long as u enjoy doing sth, u wun feel tired. yes, i enjoyed my korean lessons, a lot! Thanks to my wonderful classmates and teachers!! i feel a sense of accomplishment when i receive the following!! 

YES!! I AM GG TO COLLECT MY E3 CERT NX TUES!! and yes, at the end of E3, you will finish studying the 3 books shown below!!

another thing i like about SKIS is their cultural festival!! at the end of each semester, we will get a chance to gather tgt for the cultural festival!! lemme share with u!!

51th SKIS Cultural Festival: 

we get to play with the korean drums! we have a bimbibap design contest too! but too bad i dun have the photos! anna might have? *hints*

 this is our SUPER CUTE, FRIENDLY and PRETTY E1 teacher! i like her alot!! haha

and this is anna n me!!! <3

52th SKIS Cultural Festival: 

Well, the 52th Cultural Festival was abit boring (IMO) , they invited a speaker from KTO to come over and share with us her experience while touring korea! then we had some noodle (i cant remember the name T.T) HOWEVER, we had sth up our sleeve! we got a dress and a sash for our E2 teacher, which immediately turned her into MISS KOREA 2012!

Girls Power Rocks?? HAHA...all of us were either dressed in cream/white ^^

The 3 macho man!! seng kwan mus be damn sad that there's no free soju for him tt night...

 We were given FREE prune juice (coutersy of CJ)!! nice nice!!

우리 반!!

Our Miss Korea of the night!! She's rili a v good teacher! count urself lucky if u get her! (yes, there's different teacher for diff level~)

For the cultural night for 53th intake, its a 'make ur own kimbap' session! HAHA! shall update more abt it ltr on! 

Till then!!


PS. feel free to ask any qn abt the school, we will try our best to answer ^^


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