Timbre @ The Substation

Visited Timbre @ The Substation with Ting and Owen.

It was another dark and rainy night. -.-" We had just watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, but since Owen was so terribly late, we haven't had dinner! XP

Arrived at Timbre at around 9.40pm, it was a short walk from The Grand Cathay. The entrance was pretty interesting- the door that looked like the main entrance was closed, and they only kept the back door opened. If not for Ting and Owen, I would've thought that the place was closed and left!

Once I entered, I knew I wouldn't be enjoying myself so much. The place was completely al fresco!

Normally I wouldn't be whining about outdoor areas, but it was raining, and the rain was splattering onto all the furniture and people who were unfortunate enough to be seated anywhere other than the very centre of Timbre. Stupid layout of the place. We were soaked when the rain turned into a downpour, and all of our shoes were soaked.

Drinks cost about the usual, but they were super diluted. I'm not a drinker, and we decided to have shooters. I could barely taste the alcohol, and I felt no different than normal after downing the shots. What a waste of the $104! (12 shots).

Food, however begrudgingly I must admit, was pretty fantastic. Duck Pizza and Buffalo wings~ Love.

Le delectable pizza and meh drinks

Despite the freezing cold, we couldn't just shiver and mope around! It's always the company that makes things fun, so we had a good chat and trolled Owen repeatedly by stealing his identity, and texting flirty messages to be posted onto the LCD screen for all to see!

"Hey sexy ladies, chat me up! -Owen (baby-faced guy sitting at the corner in a checkered shirt)" 

"Cute baby face Owen says hi ladies~ ;)" 

Childish? Yes. Fun? Heck YES!

It got even better when the emcee/host person read aloud the flirty messages and asked where we were seated at. Ting hollered like mad and we received quite a few giggles at our table as people craned their neck to take a look at Owen.

Even better- we found out that Owen's friend was at Timbre too, and had noticed the messages! Somehow, making Owen embarrassed became our goal for the night. Mission accomplished.

"Hi Owen's friend! Owen is at table 16." 

"Owen thinks the keyboard girl is cute too!" 

Ting and I freezing our faces off.
I will probably never return to Timbre @ The Substation again. Bloody terrible experience overall.

Oh, they had one saving grace. The band's good! The lead singer can sing in multiple languages, and they totally nailed Gangnam Style (in Korean)!

But still, not enough to get me to go back.

- Anna


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