HAHAHA!! anna! its was just pure luck that i won the competition cus my competitors were all non-chinese? and luckily there's chinese songs for me to sing as well (eventhou the song bank is a bit outdated...)
and OMG!! is the kimchi pancake nice?? bring me there nx time! i'm having cravings for korean food alr!!!!! *stomach growls*

Well, a few weeks ago, Emily asked if i wanna attend "Korean makeup workshop" organised by iGroomU. its 25/pax and 20/pax when u sign up for 2 person. i've never been to this kinda workshop before, so i agreed!! more, its KOREAN makeup workshop!!

Anyway, another reason why i choose to go is because......


Truthfully speaking, im alr used to it cus this starts all the way back since JC days. no one guessed that i was singaporean at first sight. but i DO have a pink ic which states that im born in SINGAPORE. (pls be assured that the colour of the ic is indeed pink, not blue!). mayb with some korean makeup skills, i can deviate from the chinese looks. (well, the nationalities which i often get mistaken as includes: korea, japan, taiwan as well, but these are minority... T.T)

So Emily and me went to the 7pm slot *life of a working adult...hais*
iGroomU is locaoted at: 10 Anson Road International Plaza 37-10 Singapore 079903.
Its quite easy to find anyway!! Just take train to tanjong pagar mrt station, exit via exit c, follow the signs on the barricade and tada~~ that's international plaza.

The tricky part is here: there is A LOT of lifts! and each section of the lifts serves different floors. be sure to check the floors that the lifts serve before barging in! =D

Well, sorry that i din manage to take any photo cus i reached the place at 6.58pm. *i wasnt late!!*
The workshop was held in a small classroom consisting of 8 people, excluding the 2 trainers. Everyone has a mirror of their own and all makeup and makeup brushes are fully provided. Rest assured that the brushes are clean because the trainers always takes effort to wash the brushes with alcohol to maintain the hygiene of the brushes!! Cool, aint they?? So u jus need to bring urself there!!

The first thing i noticed was the huge spread of products at the front of the table! and all of them were from Mary Kay. I have long heard about this product but the price is too high for a poor student like me (at tt time) to afford! Finally i get to try them today *smirks*

Since there is no pictures, pls let ur imagination run wild~~ HAHA
Before the training start, Eni gave a brief introduction about herself and end off her introduction with a strong punchline: "There is no ugly woman, only lazy woman"

1. Trainer (Eni) passed us some makeup remover and taught us the correct way of removing eye makeup. we shld put the cotton pad there for a while to let the eye makeup dissolve before gently wiping the eyes, and not tugging it straight without letting the eye makeup dissolve!!

2. After that, she passed us makeup cleanser to cleanse our face. She always taught us the correct way of cleaning our face as well. we SHLD NT lather the foam on our hand, instead, we shld lather it on our face. Take about 2cm of the cleanser, put on 5 spots on ur face (both cheeks, forehead, chin and nose) and slowly lather in circular motion use 3rd and 4th finger.

3. We exfoliate our lips and face using lip exfoliator and face exfoliator respectively. seriously, even our lips has exfoliator??? after exfoliating, my lips and face felt rili smooth!! LOL

4. Serum and moisturizer was then passed to us to prep our face for the makeup. Similar to the cleanser, i dabbed at 5 spots on my face and slowly spread outwards using circular motion as well. Primer was then given to us, followed by foundation.

5. We were taught how to draw Korean eyebrows. and its my first attempt at drawing brows and it turned out...funny?? luckily the class was small and the trainers kept walking ard constantly to help ppl in need and to give their professional advice on how to hold/use the different sort of brush!

6. After which, we moved on to learning how to draw and blend dual tone eyeshahow. Prior to putting on the eyeshadow, eye primer was applied followed by highlighter to highlught the eyelid area first. Again, the correct method of using brush and application is taught again!! the blending was quite hard i feel. u need to blend properly in order to obtain the 2 toned effect.

7. Next on, is the eyeliner!! we were taught to draw dramatic eyeliner, but i din follow exactly cus i dun wanna scare people off!! we were taught that after drawing the eyeliner, we can use the black eyeshahow to outline the top of the eyeliner!!! u can even blend it to make it look smokey!! haha!!

8. After the eyeliner is done, we were taught the correct way to apply blusher followed by lipstick. It was during the class that i realised that i've always applied blusher the wrong way!! no wonder my cheek is forever so RED when i put on blusher!! for the lips, they asked us to outline the lips with the lipstick first before filling in!! loose mineral powder was applied at the end to set the makeup!

TADA~ its done!! (hope i din forget anything...)

My personal review: The trainers teach in a very interesting way. always telling us jokes to make us laugh. and it wasnt tiring at all!! i was v occupied during that 3 hrs! look at the trainer's demo first, then proceed on to try on our own face!! quite fun actually!! i feel that the 20bucks was well spent as i got exposed to the different type of brushes for different purposes and learn the different techniques of korean makeup! ^^

Finally, its picture time!!!

First up, its a nearly-bare faced me. im a very lazy to put on makeup person but i cant survive without my sunblock and bbcream....HAHA

After the lesson!! the lipstick is all gone as the hungry us went bk for dinner at 10pm right after the lesson. my stomach was practically grumbling during the class :/ (and that's emily on the right ^^)

And that's me!! the makeup not v obvious right?? HAHA!! guessed i din put thick enough??

Since im a very 'shy' person, i decided to go home to do selca!! cus i seldom put this much makeup on my face!! :p

After taking soooo many shots with my fringe on, i realise that they totally covered my drawn eyebrow!! so i pinned them up and took more selca!! LOL~

Got prettier boh?? HAHA!!! but i'll bet that i will forget all the brushes and techniques soon if i nv practice them :X

Verdict: I rili enjoyed myself at the class today and the trainer is open to questions. futhermore its hassle free as everything from the makeup remover to the makeup brushes is provided by the center!! this workshop is good for people who wans to learn how to put on korean/ natural makeup!! ^^

Score: 4/5

And at the end of the course, we are all presented with a certificate!!

Shall end off with another selca of me!! HAHA~~~


ps. anna!!! nx time i can teach u!! provided that i still remember... =X


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