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Hey Xiu Hua! OMG I had no idea you won a singing competition on your cruise! It totally looked like you had sooo much fun! Congrats!! ^^ Can't wait to read about Day 2~

So the other day, I decided to head down to AUG to find out more about furthering my studies in abroad- Australia, to be precise. No appointment was needed. AUG is basically a student service centre that provides counselling and advice to students who wish to study abroad- UK, USA, Switzerland and Malaysia- at NO CHARGE. They get their commission from the university, I believe. :D

Other than being counselors, they also act as agents to help settle the complicated administrative details such as applying for visas and school applications. On top of that, they also hold Uni Fairs! At the fairs, representatives from the schools that AUG are affliated with will be present to asnwer any queires that interested students may have, and also, application fees are waived if you apply at the fair!

If you're afraid that you will be all alone in a foreign country, AUG has (sort of) taken care of that by holding pre-departure briefings. These are great opportunities to meet those who are also going to your future school!

I trusted AUG because of what my 2 friends said. Granted, 2 isn't a good sample size at all but... after my experience with them, I really felt that they were pretty helpful and knowledgeable! Do note, they are the slow and chill kind. If you decide to apply for a school through AUG, make sure you keep calling them to make sure they get things done in time!! Just in case. That's the feedback my friends gave me.

Of course, I also want a second opinion, so I went to IDP as well, but that's another post. ^^

They also have branches located in Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia! But here in sunny Singapore, you can look for them at:

7 Maxwell Road, # 02-100 Annex B, MND Complex, Singapore 069111
Tel: +65 6227 0380
Opening Hours:

I was famished after my session with AUG- we talked for a good hour and a half! So being unfamiliar with the area, I wandered around Tanjong Pagar MRT station and found a quaint little family restaurant!

This was the second K restaurant I went to, the first one was closed but being blur me, I didn't realize and tried to open the door that was barred shut with an umbrella from the inside. That got me a bunch of weird looks from people walking past as I struggled with the obviously locked door. -.-"

K-Food Talk Family Restaurant
28 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088451
Tel: 65-62229697

I had this craving for Kimchi Pancake!!! So when I saw that it was on the menu, I went in immediately and received a warm welcome for my effort of opening the door. Yea. The calls of "WELCOME!!" in Korean language. 8D

Typical abundance of side dishes in K cuisine

Massive Kimchi Jeon

I got all that for $15.00 ($16.50) after GST and whatnot. Not bad.jpg. I couldn't finish it of course, so I brought home half of it. Yes, I was trying to be polite and ate much more than I should so that they wouldn't think I didn't like it. Lol.

Oh, and a little detail that might reveal the auntie in me... but they gave a complimentary bottle of mineral water!! I mean, come on. Many places charge for water nowadays. I was eating at Greenhouse Cafe today in Tuas (duh I work there), and they charge $0.90 for a glass of water! >:(

And I want to show off the new skater dress I bought~ Hehe *shy*  *a teeny bit shy*

Loving the cut outs on the back!


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