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Don't you ever feel that shaving/waxing is a hassle? That you just want to somehow have that baby-smooth skin all the time with minimal effort?

I've always hated having hair anywhere other than eyebrows, eyelashes and the hair on my scalp.

I find it so difficult to get a clean shave anywhere, and it really annoys me. On top of that, I feel like the hair grows back at a remarkably fast pace (why can't the hair on my scalp do that??), so I feel the need to shave almost everyday. Bummer. -,-"

It's like... a constant battle and I'm losing. Lol. Really dramatic, but I seriously hate all the extra hair!

I finally did something about my annoyance with well, I guess all the follicles (lol) and bought an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) package at Musee! It costs a bomb, but I feel it's worth it. I was so eager to get started that I asked to begin a session right after I signed!

Credits to Musee's official website
If you're wondering what is Musee, here's an excerpt from their official website:

MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO is the Japan’s No.1 premier hair removal salon. As we offer very personalized service more than 1,350,000 satisfied women in Japan have chosen MUSEE as their preferred salon. 

MUSEE aim to be the No.1 Singapore hair removal salon that offers the best in hair removal care service. With 5 salons in the down town shopping area, finding a MUSEE salon is fast and easy. With a network of 141 salons throughout Asia, MUSEE hope to bring this same attentive care to more women.

At MUSEE, we understand removal of hair is a very personal and confidential decision, that is why our consultants will take special attention of our needs. They will offer professional advice and share with you the details of different treatment, this will give you a better understanding how you are being treated. 

MUSEE uses the Smooth Skin Control (S.S.C.) hair removal treatment process. S.S.C treatment is done with our special formulated wax and exposure to light beams. It offers much better result as compared to wax removal cream, laser hair removal or IPL hair removal S.S.C treatment is safer, less painful and more lasting. The service is provided exclusively for women.

My Experience


Level of Pain: 1/10
Effectiveness: 7/10
Customer Service: 9/10


Hair growth is dulled. 
No need to shave/wax forever once done with all sessions!
Definitely much much less painful than waxing
Hair does not become thicker when it grows out again.
Packages are very flexible for the fickle-minded.
No bloody hardcore upselling.


There is still some pain involved for the first few sessions.
Costly; but I justified by not having to buy any shaving products for the rest of my life haha!
Must get over the fact that strangers will be getting rid of your hairy issues for you.
Takes a few sessions before noticeable results can be seen.
Must go for regular sessions.

*Note: This is just my opinion. Who knows, you may have a lower threshold for pain, higher expectations for service, or perhaps just have super resistant hair follicles that might need more sessions than I do before you can see results. ;P

For my consultation session...

I was pleasantly surprised that nobody tried to seriously upsell like their lives depended on it.

After I made clear what I wanted, the consultant recommended various suitable packages, then just sat there in silence unless I asked her a question. I was deciding the number of sessions I should sign for, and even though she obviously advised me to get the one that has more sessions, it was because I had a lot of areas I wanted to do the IPL on, so it wasn't realistic for me to take the smaller package. If I needed to top up, each individual session that I need to buy would cost me a lot more.

That's how the package was designed, I suppose. So there isn't a need for them to upsell hardcore.

And guess what? If I feel that I am done with my brazilian IPL, I can transfer the amount of money in the package to do IPL on another part such as my underarm, or legs, whatever!

BUT there's no need for underarm... because they gave me FREE UNLIMITED underarm procedures because I signed a package!!!

Unfortunately, that leaves my unlimited underarm IPL sessions voucher useless to me. So, I'm selling it at a very low price! Scroll down to the bottom for more details! :D

My feelings... 

I did a brazilian IPL. It was undoubtedly awkward at first to have a complete stranger do the procedure on me, but I tried to push it to the back of my mind by thinking:

        1. Hey, she's a female just like me. Whatever I have, she has too!
        2. She's done this so many times, she's probably freaking bored at looking anyway.
        3. How else can I get the results I want? Deal with it!

It wasn't as bad as I thought! Haha. Playing mind games with myself?

For the actual procedure... 

Cora did the procedure for me. Things to note:

Initially I was so sian to hear that, because I chose IPL over waxing to avoid the pain. And I wanted INSTANT results. But hey, patience is a virtue... ;)

1. Firstly, I was given a gown and disposable undies to change into. I locked my stuff into the cupboard and kept the key with me, so no worries about my belongings.
2. Cora covered my eyes so I wouldn't be bothered by the bright lights of the room (since I was lying down and facing the ceiling).
3. Cora cleaned and shaved the area.
4. Some cold gel was applied so that the laser wouldn't hurt me.
5. LASER!!!
6. The gel was wiped off, and more cool gel was applied to calm the area and ensure that the skin there does not get irritated.
7. I fell asleep.
8. Time to go home!

At the warning of pain, I was quite worried. I can't tell you how relieved I was! Once or twice, there was a prickly feeling, but it went away after a second or so. Cora was right when she said there was going to be just a mild pain. I suppose there are some things that can be believed from sales representatives. >.<

At first, I was dubious and thinking of complaining (typical stereotypical Singaporean haha), but after 2 weeks, I noticed that it is a lot neater down there (as compared to before the IPL). It could be all in my mind, but I do trust this procedure because there are plenty of people who swear by this. Just Google "Musee IPL review" and see for yourself! Heehee, I did some research before signing this package, of course!

In any case, if it does not work out, Musee will refund the package in full! This is valid for certain conditions only, duh. Like for those who have an adverse reaction or absolutely no reaction to it. And a bunch of others that I'm not going to state because this post is already so long.

Whatever the case, this is only the first session. I'm satisfied and can't wait for my next session!

Obviously, there won't be any photos of this topic. ;P

SELLING! Unlimited underarm IPL sessions at Musee! 

EDIT: MUSEE VOUCHER has been sold. Thank you! ^^

Screen shot of the deal that I bought from
I have an extra voucher that I bought from for unlimited underarm IPL sessions! Since it is an extra, I'm looking to sell it off. I bought it for S$98.00 and that's the amount that I will be selling it off at (slightly negotiable, though). If I can't sell it off by 1 April 2012, I'll just be giving it to one of my friends.

If you are interested, please read the following conditions stated on the voucher first:
  • Valid for all nationalities
  • Valid for first-time female customers only
  • Unlimited sessions valid for customers aged 16 years and above; for
    customers aged 15 years and below, limited to 6 sessions only

Available outlets for redemption:
  • (New Outlet) Bugis+ #03-12; Tel: 6341 9844
  • #B1-20, Scotts Square; Tel: 6604 8043
  • The Centrepoint #03-20; Tel: 6735 8511
  • PARCO Millenia Walk #P3-13; Tel: 6337 7273
  • Plaza Singapura #04-08C; Tel: 6884 3500
Please leave a comment or email me at if you are interested! :)

Unfortunately, I had to stop my treatments at Musee because I started taking medications from my dermatologist. When doing IPL treatments, Musee advises us to not take medication.


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