The Story Behind the Necklace

I admit it- I suck at coming up with titles for posts.

You'd expect an actual story, perhaps with morals or a touching ending to it, with the title that it is now, don't you? But nope, this isn't one of those posts! I just can't think of any other title that is more appropriate...

"My Necklace"? 
"The Necklace?" 
"My Necklace and I"?

They all sound pretty weird to me!

Regardless, I'm going to do my usual rambling along, add in some vainpot selcas with captions, blabber some more and end abruptly. 

Believe it, that's the way I speak in real life (with the exception of adding photos since that's obviously not possible).

The novelty of having filters in a smart phone has not yet worn off! Muahaha!

I was going to take a photo of the beautiful necklace my father bought for me, but vanity took over and I included myself in the photo. Lol.

Act demure hehe

Same as the above, but with a different filter

My true self- always posing with a toothy smile! :)

I actually hated the necklace when my father first gave it to me. I was about 14 years old. I wasn't into dainty little things like that, and besides, it costs about S$200. My father had bought it while he was on a "business trip" in America.

It's actually a detailed heart-shaped diamante pendant (that sort of looks like a pretzel, actually) with a thread-thin golden chain.

Recently, I've been wearing it a lot and I now love it! I can't believe I told my father that it was a waste of money. I'm glad I'm more mature now, and able to understand and appreciate how lucky I am to have such a loving family! :D

*Ends abruptly*


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