Xiu's Star Cruise Trip: Day 1

Sorry for the lack in updates!! Finally I can find some time to sit down and write about my cruise trip!!
It has been ages since i went on a family trip and im having a mixed feeling prior to the trip!! Cus im afraid that it will turn out to be a boring trip :X
LUCKILY, spongebob square pants saved my day, all thanks to nickledon at sea =)

Overview: My cruise trip is a 4d3n trip which will stop over at Penang and Phuket. Do take note that you need to pay when u are alighting at the 2 destinations!!
Its definitely not FOC and trips can be booked at the cruise counter at level 7 =)

People involved: Mummy, Sister, Niece and me. YAYYS to girls power!!
(sidenote: i strongly recommed u guys to travel in grp of 4 cus its 4 to a room. i dun rule out the possibility that they might ask u to share room if there's less than 4 person in a room???)

Day 1: Ard noon time, we headed to Singapore Cruise Center at Harbourfront to board the ship. Boarding was relatively hassle-free as my sister has already helped us check in prior to the departure!! so all we have to do is queue up and enter the ship!! hehe. i have so much time that i managed to do a selca even before i board the ship!! LOL (pardon me for the fat face thou...)

GUESS WAD??? i din know that nickledon is having a special collaboration with Star Cruise to bring us NICKLEDON AT SEA!!! Was so excited when i saw this posters while im boarding the ship!! Which means i'll get to see spongebob, patrick and dora?? *eyes twinkle* (there's always a child in every adult :x)

As this is a budget trip, we chose the cheapest room!! and tada~ here it is. There is no window at all! Jus a painting to make us think that we're looking at the scenery outside?? as u can see, there's are 4 beds?? quite squeezy thou?? and this pic shows 3/4 of the room. as to how big the room is...its up to ur imagination alr!! HAHA~~

And of cus!! the first time i did after unpacking was to check out the toilet!! HAHAH!! (ok, i know im vain~~) the lighting was super good so i decided to take another selca!! kekeke~~
After taking this photo, i was being chased outta room by my sis to explore the rest of the cruise!!

This is the overall guide found at every lift lobby!!

My room access card!!!

 Our first meal onbard Star Cruise was Teabreak at Mediterranean Terrace~ however nth much was left so i din bother to take any pic at all!! haha...but i took a pic of the indian/vegetarian corner! cool right?? HAHA

Since we're alr at 12th floor, we decided to explore the rest of it!!! then we reached the library. and to my amaze, i saw ppl STUDYING in the library!! i was like O.O.

So, the thick-skinned me went to disturb her and ask if she mind to help us taking a family photo! haha.

My sis took this for me!! *act studious* and they do carry a wide variety of books too!! (but seriously, who reads on board cruise??)

This is the view that welcomes us after we came out of the library~~

 After which we decided to go outside to enjoy the seabreeze!! look at my hair! that's an indication of how strong the wind is!! HAHA~~

"Who lives in the pineapple under the sea??" SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS~

The chinese oriental feel facade at the starboard side of the ship!!

And my sister decided to take a funny pic...and this is wad happened in the end! =.=

And finally!! its DINNER TIME!!!! we chose bella vista as the chinese restaurant at the 6th floor is FULL and a waiting time of 2hrs is required. And we're already famished!! who wants to wait 2 hrs?? WARNING: pictures of food coming. do not read if u're stomach is grumbling now~

 For the full name of the dishes, u can refer to the menu above!! the food generally is not bad jus that i find that service slow and some of the waiter have attitude problem!!

After the sumptous dinner, we went for a magic show!! as photography is strictly prohibited, i can only take a pic before the show starts! *refer to the star cruise navigator which can be found in ur room for a list of events*

After the show, i immediately rushed off to the audition for "Fun Singing Karaoke Competition". Upon reaching the place, i saw that all contestants are indians =.=

This is a pic of the venue of the singing competition!

My sister and me were the only non-indain contestants!! my sis sang "never had a dream come true" by s club 7 and me, "dai wo zou" by rainie yang~ while awaiting the results, i ordered a glass of malibu sunrise!! ^^ (pics of me singing is with my sis, thus i do not have the photos~~)

and guess wad?? I won the singing competition and they presented me with a gold medal of starcruise as a token of appreciation! (and my niece fell in love with it.... T.T)

Once the singing competition ends. my sister sent my mum back to the room for her to rest while evonne and me started q-ing up for the dora event which is starting at 10.30pm. Earlier on in the day, evonne and me has already participated in "Spongebob jellyfish event". We emerged victorious and won ourself a spongebob bag!! hahah! thus we decided to give it a try for this event as well!!

No Dora was seen! It jus an adventure game where u have to run ard the theatrette answeing the questions and finding the answers which is hidden all over. Needless to say, my sis, niece and me gave it our all and run like madwoman ard the theatrette finding all the possible clues ASAP. thus, we won as well and this is the prize!! all the other kids gets stickers as consolation prize!

TADA~~~~ the prizes that we won on our first day of the cruise trip!! wad an eventful day!! HAHA.
My niece's face was beaming when she won the prize and she said to me: "Yiyi, i wanna play all the games with u!" =.=

This is my super small bed!! i thot im gg to slp upstairs but my niece wanted the upper bunk, so i gladly let her have it!! HAHA. old alr ma, dun feel like climbing up and down??

 and this is princess evonne at her upper bunk watching tv...

Thats all for day 1!! its hectic and i ran at lot. but i enjoyed it! and stupid me stupidly forgot to bring my contact lens cases!! so i used 2 bottle caps instead. sometimes i wonder how stupid can i get. to end off this post, shall show u guys a hideous pic of me in my specs!! HAHAHA!!

 Stay tune for Day 2 of Xiu's Cruise Trip!! =)



  1. The food looks awesome and I really like your room. I prefer great amenities and this one has a pool and the interior of the ship looks beautiful as well. I wonder what kind of adventures or activities you can do here. I am really interested to see dolphins argyll and whales in the sea so I am hoping I get to experience that when I go on this cruise trip.


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