Xiu's Star Cruise Trip: Day 2

This is the view that greeted me when i woke up the next day!! beautiful isnt it?? the view is simply so breathtaking isnt it?? the sunny sun, the calm sea and the blueness of everything!! everything jus blends in so well tgt!!

Whereas for this picture, i took it while i was in the elevator. much effort has been put it to make it look so grand and splendid. especially the xmas tree!! kudos to the star cruise team!!

OOTD: pink bratop, black jacket and pants! im a very lazy person actually!! in order to cut down on the number of clothings i need to bring along for the trip, i specially brought all my 3 bratops from uniqlo along!! HAHA!! >.<

 As usual!! a selca of in the toilet with lovely lightings???

Decided to do sth to my hair. tried quite a few hairstyle and this is wad i did in the end!! a braid-that-looks-like-a-hairband!! however, my hair wasnt that long yet so it din go fully over to the other side! and this hairstyle can be easily done!! =)

another selca of me after my new hairdo is done!!! not much difference as seen from the front view huh?? HAHAHA!!

TADA~~ this is my cutesy mum and my door room number! i bet she did buy 4d!!

The long alleyway outside our room!

This is the machine that the crew use to swipe our card when we alight/board the ship!

The Blue Lagoon!!! i only manage to take a pic cus this restaurant is not included in the free meal package. and the food isnt rili that cheap?? so the cheapo us din get to taste it after all??

my mum's fav place! the casino!! the guy din allow us to take any picture inside!! he even checked my camera to ensure that i only took the logo and not any of the machine inside the casino!! super duper strict. luckily he qc-ed and passed this photo!! hengs~~

After that, its time for us to alight at PENANG!! during the wait to alight, the crew asked for volunteer to go infront and entertain the rest. and guessed wad? my niece jus raised up her hand and went up (well, this part of her is like me, but i din teach her that!). she sang twinkle twinkle lil star and ABC. after which, she danced to gangnam style (children version). below is the pic of the pretty lady teaching her how to dance the 'hey~~~ sexy lady' part in gangnam style!

while awaiting for our turn, lets take PICTURE!!! *disclaimer: if evonne likes to take selca in the future, she's definitely not influenced by me*

Another shot while waiting for the rest of the tour in the tour bus!! and yes, im the fairest of them all!! MUHAHAHA~~

Our first stop in penang!! i totally forgot the name!! but im sure that u guys can google about it if interested!! HAHA.... if i din remember wrongly, its a 2nd-grade official's house!

The super ancient trishaw with the 'DO NOT TOUCH' display! guessed wad? my niece went to touch it nonetheless!! haha....

The road name???? (im not very sure either....)

 Our nx destination!!!

There's this pool FULL of tortoise and an auntie selling kangkong (food for tortoise) at 1rm. and of cus, we bought it. haha!!! and the number of tortoise is......uncountable.

Some more shots while climbing up to the temple. its quite a long climb up :/

And at LAST!!! we reached!! its beautiful, aint it?? the serenity of this place, awes me! more photos coming up!!

another shot of evonne and me yet again!! ^^

I find the design of the staircase v unique!! LOL

A top down view after i climbed even higher!! AWESOME right???

After this, we went to the local product stall. i din get to take any pic inside cus it was real squeeeezy and i was busy trying out the different local pdts (greedy me~)

Due to time constraint, we only spent 30mins in the stall and then we headed off to our 3rd and last destination, GURNEY DRIVE!! Well, there's one gurney drive restaurant located at ang mo kio, jubilee and i went there for dinner before. but nothing beats coming to the REAL gurney drive to try out their local specialities right?? *drools*

my mum took this photo for me. and somewad...it looks a bit funny?? but i shall forgive her cus she's not a tech-savvy person. im actually quite glad that she knows how to press the shoot button and ensure that im sorta at the center of the picture ~phew~

As we reached there quite early, ard 5pm, a lot of the stalls aint open yet (its a bustling NIGHT market), so we can only make do with the stalls that is opened at 5pm...

First up, PENANG PRAWN MEE!! we shared it and the soup is faaaaabulous!

ROJAK!! a lot of stalls is selling rojak but we din try it, so i took a photo instead!! haha

This night market is more of an open concept with small tables placed at the common area. so customer can patronise any stall that they like!

 ms evonne with her new bought hat and coconut juice (she kept whining for one cus she saw someone else drinking it =.=)

my mum and my favourite!! LALA!! too bad my sister doesnt take shellfish. so all she does was stare at us eat. dun think can find this kinda lala in sg right??


After our short dinner, we rushed off to the mall to take a quick tour ard (we're rushing against the time!)

as usual, ms evonne requested to eat her fav auntie anne~~

we only managed a 20min walk ard the plaza, then we head off to the gathering point. and this marks the end of the day tour!! pls do not that star cruise offers different tour for people with different purposes. my mum wans to go to a temple and pray, thus we chose this tour. diff tours have different pricing too!! pls refer to the onboard brochure for more information! and yes, u can alight the ship and choose free and easy as well. jus make sure u get back to the cruise in time cus the cruise will not wait for u!! haha!!

This is the evening scenery of penang, pretty aint it??

Exhausted me waiting for the bus to come....

Finally!! we got back on the ship and ask one kind soul to help us take a family photo ^^

Then we decided to do some comical shot! Evonne's take!

Not convincing enough?? so we decided to take another one tgt!! HAHA~~

Palazzo!! an italian restaurant which needs to pay. as usual, we DID NOT dine there! HAHA

Saw this cloud and my mum says that it looks like a lion and insist that i shld take a photo of it! well, do u think it looks like a lion? its all up to ur imagination i guess??

the pretty evening sky~~

and we decided to do sth stupid again!! haha!! look at evonne's terrified face!! she was sooooo afraid of falling down!!

The 3 golden horse of Star Cruise (and evonne)

and the magnificient xmas tree located infront of the 3 golden horse!

Next up! its dinner time again! and this time, we chose to go to:

While waiting to enter the pavilion. evonne and me decided to take a funny shot!! *chipmunk*

I forgot to take a shot at the menu!! so i shall jus show u the pic of the food!! HAHA

Do it looks appetising?? *stomach growls~*

After dinner, we headed straight the the theatrette once again! tonight, the cruise crew is gonna put up a show "step up" to showcase to us their dancing/singin talent!! as no photograhy is allowed, so no photos is posted!! however, they do allow audience to go forward to take photo with them after the performance ended, so here goes evonne!

The end of a long and tiring day! After sending the young and the old back to the room to rest, my sis and i went to celebrity once again to enjoy the happy hour promotion!! which is 7bucks per drink!

The pino crew which i met again on the second day!!

  sis, sarang hae~

(pardon me for the tired face) this miller lite beer for korea is rili good!! my sis fell in love with it as well!! wonder if it sold in sg???

This marks the end of my 2nd day of my 4d3n cruise!! Its an enjoyable but tiring day! And its the first time i went PENANG!! (mountain tortoise...ikr)
Stay tuned for the third part!!! =)

my selca once again!! HAHA



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