Company DnD~

Remember some time ago I mentioned that I just changed job?? In an blink of eyes, 1 mth had already past and I've received my first pay check!!! Well, Im still adapting well and is trying to learn the ropes as fast as possible so as to not let my fren who referred me into the company, down. Eventhou there's quite an age gap between me and colleagues, they all treat me quite well!! Just that some may be abit long-winded and keep repeating the same thing 'n' times (u know...those older generation de ppl style) the technique of FIFO is v impt here!! 

And jus nice, i made it in time to register for the company annual dinner and the theme is: Retrolicious and is held at Sheraton Hotel located near Newton MRT. The official release time on that day is 3pm, which gives everyone ample time to go home and doll up!! However, i had an errand to run! I need to collect my famous amos voucher from voucherlicious located at international building between 2-6.30pm and its only available during weekdays!! i work till 6plus everyday, how to collect?? now that there's a chance for me to collect, i shall jus grab the opportunity!! HAHA~~

Me and my $10 bucks Famous Amos Coupon which i  got at $2.90....kekeke
Immediately after that, i wanted to cab home cus im already running late!! when i saw the queue at the taxi stand in front of international building, i nearly fainted. there's at least 20 ppl in front of me!! just nice, bus 57 comes along and i saw that its heading towards bishan, so i boarded it!! luckily the bus came and saved me! LOL...

Upon reaching home, I faster cleanse and prep my face, before applying makeup!! First time attending the company's dnd so must doll up abit (who knows, i might bump into a cute guy there?? LOL) Then i donned into a pink polka dot dress and tied a pink ribbon hairband (both are loaned from $$$). well, i dun have the makeup brushes so i din use any of the technique learnt at the korean makeup workshop! however, for the blusher and lip i did follow wad the trainer taught me~

TADA!! all set and ready to go ^^
As I din wanna be late for the DnD, i cabbed there!! and there's a huge jam, thus the journey cost me ard $16 bucks. luckily there wasnt any ERP on the way if not it will be even more ex!! As usual, i did a selca in the cab!!

The uncle mus have thot that im crazy?? HAHA
As planned, i reached the venue at 6.15pm. But those ppl in my dept and team havent even reach yet!! so, i went to the toilet and hide. (plus camwhore~)

Start of my selca in the toilet!! 
Since there's a full length mirror in the toilet, i decided to take a full body shot!!
My OOTD: pink polka dot dress, pink polka dot hairband, pink casio sheen watch and my sis's brown loafer + socks to make it more retro!! the loafer + socks inspiration comes from yoona in love rain! LOL~

My outfit for the day!
After loitering in the loilet for 15mins, i decided to come out to take a look ard the hotel since im there alr! so i found a sitting area and sat down. Since i got nth to do, so i took selca again!! wad else can i do with a camera in my hand?? :p

Act cute!! 
My pink casio sheen watch which is a gift from my JC clique!! 
The grand staircase which leads to the ballroom where the event is held~ 
I decided to go up alone to register first, and also to take a look at the stalls that is outside the reception area!!
The waiting area~
The reception area~
After which, i saw a loooooooong queue!! Having a singaporean nature, of cus i went ahead to take a look! and its a caricature drawing on lil t-shirt!! and it was so adorable! so i went ahead and queued for it. and lucky me! i managed to squeeze into the last 5 slots!! HOHOHO~~

Me patiently awaiting for my turn~
Finally its my turn!! There's a lot of on-looker btw~
I wanted to get the blue t-shirt, but the lady beside me told me she wanted the blue one too!!! so i settled for the lil black tshirt! (FYI: i heard this master has 20yrs of caricature drawing experience!!)
After 5mins or so, ITS DONE!! (but i queued like 45mins =.=) 
Well, good things are worth waiting for, aint they?? Does it look like me???
A close-up view! and yes, my name is spelt wrong =.=
Xiuhua and lil Xiuhua

The official shot and my dnd tix!
After wilson arrived, we quickly went inside the ballroom to 'chop' seats. ie: the seats with the best view to view the stage and also, the seats furthest away from the boss/manager :p

There's wilson on the left with his checkered shirt!
Another selca of me in the ballroom!
Funny faces! and i think i look super funny here!!
My superb view of the stage
A close-up view of the stage
My table!! In case u guys are wondering where the rest is, they are most prolly smoking in the smoking area
The menu for the day! (i din manage to take any shots of the food cus those uncle will think that im crazy!)
My colleagues!! Ah Sin and Ah Lai. They're both very nice guys!!
The 41st prize goes to someone with the number of 8181. Then i turn ard and tell Wilson. 
Me: Eh!! u see, now is 8181 win, skarly later is 8383 liaos
Wilson: 是就好咯~
~10 seconds later~
Me: OMG!!! its rili 8383!!
Wilson: Stunned *fumbles for his ticket and ran up the stage*

And guessed whats my ticket number?? 8384 T.T
Lucky Wilson who won himself $150 Isetan Shopping Voucher!
The happy man with his 40th prize!
Guthrie Got Talent is up next and my colleague, Thomas went to join and he got second!! Congratulations! psssss...he was the 1st runner up of huang jing nian hua dou ge jing yi!! and he's teaching at several cc now too!!

Thomas performing on stage
A full shot of my RETRO feel~~
Taking the midnight train home!! And wilson showing off his loots!!
Well...all i can say is...this is the most boring dnd i've ever been too =(
Mayb cus my table is all uncles (except wilson) and they are not at all, interested in any of the table games or any other games at all. only when there's lucky draw, then we got all hyped up. Well, wad to expect from uncles right? so basically im jus sitting there and watchin performance, eating the food that is served in front of me and then, stone~~~ HAHA

But truthfully speaking, the lucky draw prizes is rili not bad!! Hope tt i'll have better luck nx year!! =D

As usual, i shall end off with a selca of myself!! ^^


p.s. i din meet any cute guys at all!! T.T


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