H&M Sale

Fun Fact! Did you know that H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz? Some people think it stands for Her Majesty, which although is quite cool, is not it. How do I know? I got it from the website. Haha!

Another Fun Fact! Did you know that H & M comprises of six different independent brands: H&M, COS, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday and & Other Stories

Lol. ^^v

So anyway, I was out with a few friends when we saw that H&M had a sale. I would never have gone in because I didn't want to tempt myself with those prices, but I followed my friends in... and bought a blazer! LOL.

Original Price: $79.90
Discounted Price: $30.00 ^^v

I wear a lot of black, so I'm trying to go out of my comfort black zone. How's purple? It strikes me as sort of a vintage look with this shade of purple, and it has cute ruffles to accentuate the figure! I'm concerned it makes me look old, though. :(

Even the soft lining is pretty with glittery details!

Hope it doesn't look too office lady so I can wear it out with friends some day. It's definitely not quite the blazer trend style... maybe I can make it work somehow...



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