Heavenly 🎶

I was searching for Ailee's Heaven when I came across JYJ's In Heaven. Frankly, I only bothered clicking on it because I saw that Song Ji Hyo was in the MV. >.< Turns out, it was a good move on my part. The MV is so touching!!!

I love Miss Mong even more now! ^^v But I kind of wish it was Kang Gary who is the male lead. Hahaha. And here's Ailee!

I think she was singing live here! I prefer her live performances of Heaven over the MV. I know the hazy effect is there for a reason, but I think they overdid it a little. And the man she was with looked like Jesus. I read somewhere that there are people who refer to him as the Korean Jesus. I think it's the long hair that Jesus is so commonly depicted in books and whatnot.

No offense to anyone, just saying that the man sort of resembles the pictures of Jesus that I've seen so far. ^^


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