Lunch @ City Square

Have u guys heard of City Square?? HAHA!!
When i first heard my frens talking about it, i thot they are refering to the city sq in JB!!
It took me quite a while to realise that the new mall at farrer park mrt station is called city sq as well =.=

Well, last week, my company send me for a 4days safety sup course at desker road which is relatively near to city sq. on my way there, i began to survey ard for possibe place to lunch. but all i see ard me is indian food!! so i decided to myself, im gonna walk all the way back to city sq to lunch!! and looked at wad i found!!

* my ex-colleague told me desker road is complicated :/ *

First up: GANGNAM GARDEN!! a new korean eatery!! OMG! i was so excited so i jus walked right in!!

The interior design of the restaurant
The entrance of the restaurant
The lunch special ^^
The cosy seats~
What is gangnam garden without PSY??
A hungry Xiu waiting for her food!!
My 3 sides (i had 2 servings!! HAHA)
Sundubu jiggae + chicken bulgogi
My verdict: The atmosphere is cosy and there isnt much people there during lunch time as well. The lunch menu is quite worth for money i feel. the chicken bulgogi is nice!! but the jiggae is so-so (IMO). the side dishes are not bad thou!! and if i din remember wrongly, there's no service charge, only GST! the ajumma is v kind too, she came over to asked hows the food and etc. i dun mind gg back again to try other dishes!! =D
*hints anna*

The next day, which is also the EXAM DAY, i chose to dine at saizeriya! i tried the saizeriya at liang court before! i feel that its pocket-friendly italine cuisine!! thus, it was choosen!!! 

The menu~~
The set lunch menu!! i was so spoilt for choices  O.O
The interior~
Me mugging for my exam even during lunch hr~~
But i settled on PIZZA in the end =D
PIZZA SLICER!!! so cool right!! first time using it too!!
My verdict: As i mentioned earlier, its rili affordable italian food! the pizza cost me $6.90! and i couldnt finish it!! so i packed the remaining and bring it home for dinner!! haha!! do give it a try if u're looking for pocket-friendly italian food! there do offer free flow salad too!! ^^

Well, for the exam. i managed to finish 100MCQ in 20mins (including the shading of OAS) and i also completed section B in 20mins too!! i wanted to finish fast cus i wanna leave early!! i studied hard cus i told myself i dun wanna go back to desker road again!! HAHA!!

Pssst: i jus called the results enquiry hotline and guessed wad?? I PASSSSSED!!!! =D
WEEEEEEEEEE~~~ ending off with a selca again!! :X

Selca in the toilet!! LOL



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