Making a healthy lunch

So I was on YouTube the other day and watched MacBarbie07's video on making healthy lunches! I tried out the tortilla recipe with my own twist to it!

It's really simple and takes just 5 minutes (no kidding).

1. Place a tortilla on a plate.
2. Spread mayonnaise evenly.
3. Place strips of ham and lettuce on the tortilla.
4. Roll the tortilla.

And we're done, with minimal dish washing to do, too! Great for lazy bums like me. Check out the finished product. :D

My non-mutilated successful tortilla! ^^

And of course you can substitute the ingredients with whatever you want. My Chinese traditional aunts who prefer oriental tastes (does that phrase even make sense?) put some Asian spiced meat with meat sauce an rolled it up lol. They refer to it as roti prata. Cute right~

Take note: It's remarkably easy to tear the tortilla!! 
Take note again: If you're going to go crazy on the ingredients, don't roll the tortilla, fold it in half instead. That's what I learned after bursting my tortilla. Lol. 

I must be quite rough since I usually tear the darn thing, then bits of the ingredients will fall out as I'm eating. -.-" So, a plate is super useful as I'm such a messy eater.

And here's some photos of the quokka, the Aussie cutie who is also the happiest animal on the planet! ^^v 

I'm a happy quokka! ^^v
Aaaand here's a set of selca because I'm vain.

Lol is there a vain die me phrase that hasn't been hashtagged to death yet?


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