My Very First Christmas~

This post is more than a little belated... but hey, better late than never! ;D

*Cue the Christmas music*

2012 was the first year I had massive celebration of Christmas!

That's why my 2012 Christmas is my most memorable one! 

The other would be when I was in elementary school. Having been exposed to Christmas in a huge way by moving to America, I asked my parents if we could have a Christmas tree just like my classmates. They responded with a resounding "NO! What a waste of money! What's the point when we don't even celebrate Christmas?"

Yep, that was my earliest memory of Christmas. And no, I am not scarred for life. Haha

First event- Christmas Party at a cute little church that Mag so kindly invited me to!

The food was fantastic, and very unique. For some reason, it was Peranakan.They did have turkey though, and it was really good too! While I am in no way a religious person, I'm ok with all religions. I enjoy any social event as long as I have people I like at the event, and that we all have some good clean fun.

I'm quite a prude. You give me excessive alcohol, smokes, drugs... I don't care for those. Give me a pleasant dinner in a clean environment and I'm on Cloud 9. I've never wanted to join one of those crazy parties even when I was supposed to be at my rebellious, angsty teenage years. My mother got worried about me and encouraged me to try new things, to have fun. -.-"

Anyway, at the party, we played games, quizzes, ate a lot, chatted a lot and took photos. Afterwards, we even went to Upper Thompson for ice cream. A fantastic, albeit sinful, way to end the night!

OOTD- Galaxy print dress with semi-sheer black stockings (Pardon the damp hair)

What I got during the Gift Exchange!
Second Event- Company Christmas Party!

Well since everything was taken using the company camera and saved in the company computer, all I have to show is the presents I received!! Whee~ Many thanks, this is seriously the most number of presents I have ever received at any one time, seeing as how I don't celebrate my birthday! ^^

Here's some of my presents, with turtle modelling some of them

Third Event- Christmas Luncheon at Le Manager's House!

The title speaks for itself! Wow the food served that day was so super yummy, just thinking about it makes my mouth water! It was a mix of Western and Chinese cuisine- Salad, potatoes, pasta and even a "Chinese turkey"! It was actually a duck. Hahaha. Many thanks to my manager for the warm hospitality~
He actually invited me so that I could interact with the 2 Korean girls there to practice my Korean, which I have woefully been neglecting for ages. Subin left early as she was feeling unwell, but Sun Young stayed till 11pm.

We chit chatted until we had lost track of time! I was so tired the next day for work, and also so apologetic for staying at le manager's place till so late.

OOTD- Aztec tube dress with pink cardigan (Jipaban), cinched at waist with black belt (Chapter Nine)

Sun Young and I

Group Photo with Sun Young, my manager and his wife (left to right)

Ha! This year, I received so many presents! Actually I've only ever received one Christmas present, shipped to me by my classmate from middle high school as a surprise. (Thank you, Rachel!!)  So, 2 presents would already have broken that record. Lol.



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