NTU Alumni Club~

Last sat, Emily and I had our usual girls day out!!! =)
Emily had a bday voucher from NTU alumni club and we decided to go sing!!
But, since we're already there, mus as well make us of all the facilities right??
So the health-conscious us decided to go gym!! kekeke~

NTU Alumni Club!
The Swimming Pool
My membercard!!
As photography is not allowed (i think) i din manage to take any pictures of the gym nor the equipment!! but the gym is considered quite small luh. but sufficient as it's only open to members, so usually not a lot of people will be there... so i managed to sneak a few pic of the ladies changing room!

Ladies Changing Room
The Toilet!!!
Me all prep and ready for GYM!
And guess wad? we din plan it at all! and Emily turned up in her NBS shirt too!! Great mind thinks alike huh?? ^^

Emily and I in out NBS shirt!!
Emily did some running on the treadmill and i did some running on the...eh....i dunno the equipment name, as all the treadmills are full alr!! wanted to go for steambath de, but my period came, so we gave it a miss!! 

All freshened up and rdy for k!
Din manage to snap any photo at teoheng cus we're both busy singing. BUT, emily forgot to bring the voucher!! LOL!! which means we get to sing another time cus the voucher must be utilised by 3rd march!! 
After singing to our hearts' content, we headed to "The Star" to source for our dinner ^^

Main Entrance of "The Star"
After much consideration, we decided on this!! *recommended by emily*

2 hungry souls~
The restaurant sells RAMEN!! and it comes in different soup base: white (original), black (garlic) and red (spicy). I tried the black one while emily got herself the red one!

The menu!
Me and my black ramen
Emily and her red ramen
IMO, I prefer the red one to the black one mayb cus i like to eat spicy things?? but nonetheless, the ramen is tasty and the price is acceptable! the bills comes up to abt $38 for 2 person if i din remember wrongly. We both ordered set with green tea! After that, we headed off for DESSERT!! (well, there's always space for dessert... :x)
The loooooong Q at Blackball
The scenery outside Blackball~
And we ordered the specialty!! and its rili nice~~ WOOHOOOOO~

tasty tasty~~
"People come and goes in ur life. Only those who make an effort to stay in ur life are those that u shld cherish" Emily, thanks for making an effort to stay in my life!! 



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