Off to JB again ^^

Rem the previous post abt tips gg to Msia?? During that trip, Jac bought contact lens inside (at a cheaper price ^^), but hers is one day toric lenses from B&L, so we specially made a trip in before CNY so that she could wear it during CNY (pretty pretty~~)

As usual, we met 10am at our hse area and make our way to yishun to take AC7...upon alighting from the SMRT bus, we saw AC7 at the bay, so we RAN for it. before boarding the bus, i turned to ask Jac:

Me: "Ehhhh!! U got bring passport hor??"
Jac: "Yah! I got bring, i double checked before I left my hse. U leh??"
Me: "Wait ar, lemme check." *fumbles bag and took out my malaysian pouch*
Jac: "Dun tell me u nv bring hor........."
Me: "Ehhhhh, strange leh, shld be inside here de leh...." *continue to stare at the pouch*
(The nx moment when i look out, this is Jac's face)
Jac: "So are u telling me, you forgot to bring ur passport????!!!!!!!!"
Me: "NOOOOO~~~~~ i left my passport in the bag when i brought to the cruise trip" #facepalm
(And this is exactly my facial expression at that point of time...)
Jac: "Ehhh, u ok anot? u seldom so careless de leh...."
Me: "Aiya....jiu jiu yi chi luh....." *ashamed of my own mistake*
Me: "Hmmmm, lets go makan breakfast first k? then go back take. then we take cab to checkpt k? I pay...paiseh paiseh...."
Jac: "Ok, im hungry~~ MAC BREAKFAST! HERE WE COME!!"

Well, it human nature to err right?? I will not forget to bring my passport when gg overseas (x20) :X
So as per planned, we went for mac bf, then took bus back to my hse, then cab to wlds checkpoint. (hais, due to a stupid mistake of mine...) by right we shld reach msia by 12pm, but by the time we went in, it was ard 1pm (not too bad luh hor???) HAHA!! 

Jac, if u're reading this, I WUN FORGET TO BRING MY PASSPORT AGAIN!!!

Start of our journey~~ on bus to Yishun
This first thing we did when we reached city sq is to buy a drink! so i recommended "Xu Liu Shan" to her! Apparently, its a very famous dessert stall in hk, and i did try it a few years back!! and both of us likes mango, so here we come!! the price wasnt so pocket friendly thou?? the difference between the medium and large cup is only 1RM and if i din rem wrongly, our cost ard 10RM for the large cup...
Xu Liu Shan @ City Square
Us and the mango drink!
As expected, the CNY deco is all over City Square~

The center stage
The view from 2nd floor
So we started our mini-shopping. We have to leave city square by 3.30pm cus both of us have another appt tt night. Then we came across the following board and we die die wanna take photo in it!! eventhou a bit malu ar?? but its so CUTE!! Jac's a snake btw ^^

Snakey Us
So we continued to walk ard but the main target is of cus, to collect her contacts lens!!!

However, we did sidetrack! Did i mention that Jac fell in love with padini's shoes?? She jus bought a pair when we came in the other time. And today, she bought not only one, but TWO pairs! but, i had to agree that it was rili comfy and its on sales, so the buy is justifiable!! both shoes are for her office wear!! =D


After which we went watsons. then she asked me if my feet stinks after wearing covered shoes for the whole day. and i told her: of cus luh, cus the foot will sweat ma. but i buy a footspray from Qoo10 which i spray on my feet before i wear the shoes, so not tt smelly. haha...then she further enquired if there's a spray that can spray on the shoes instead of the the leg. i replied that im not very sure but im sure Watsons will have the answer. true enough, we found this: (well, hope it helps?? no feedback from her yet...haha)


After all the objective had been cleared, we are all set and rdy to go back to sg, but when we walked past this shop.....

And i saw the banner.........ok. we gave in to the temptation and decided to eat one before leaving!! HAHA

One-boned Chicken Wing
The interior design of the shop
We ordered 2 chicken wing and one abalone (min 3 sticks)
There's a wide variety of choices!!
Their special homemade chilli which is indeed spicy and nice!!
And they sell balonglong drink too?? i din try tt thou....
After our "high tea", we set off for SG. as that timing is super off-peak. the traffic is SUPER GOOD! we were out in a jiffy. however, when we reach the bus interchange, a bus instructor approached us and ask if we wanna board CW1, 1RM to Kranji. So we decided to give it a try!!
The bus tix!!
Us on CW1 : Mission Accomplished!
Well, i dunno if Jac is heng or suay, cus the contacts lens contains liquid, she got questioned about it when we past the customs. asking her for receipt and passport etc...oh wells. hahaha....

Upon reaching sg, i set off to kallang to meet emily for our hair scalp treatment. no pic taken cus im like half asleep during the treatment. either that or im busy talking to emily, telling her how stupid i was in the morn. after the treatment is done and my hair is blown, i sneaked a pic!

Nice ma??? HAHAHA~~~



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