Visited IDP again. Turns out I was fed wrong info. I don't know what's going on but I'm just so relieved that my application has finally gone through. Hope that I'm accepted!!

My counsellor today seemed to be in a really bad mood. He wasn't warm and friendly like the last time. Seemed like he took everything I said as a personal insult and was offended. On top of that, he kept using a condescending tone and interrupting me. Bitch please, go clarify what happened and make sure you and your colleague give the same, accurate info next time! Why vent on me??

But IDP is still like the largest agency around for students who wish to study abroad... I've heard good things about them through people who applied through them... why is it just me who is suay??

*Takes deep breaths* Huff Huff. Lol.

Anyway, wore my new denim shirt today!

Top: No brand, bought in USA. Approx S$14
Outerwear: Cache Cache. S$15
Skirt: No brand, flea item. S$5
Hair Tie: Gifted

There's another flea tomorrow in the Bugis area. Hope I can find some long sleeved tops and A4 sized bags there! I like to console myself thinking that I'm just preparing for my trip to Australia... but actually I just can't resist the allure of good bargains at fleas!



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