OOTD and Random Flea

Went for the flea at Bugis a few weeks ago! Compared to the Blogshop Festival, this was actually quite pricey, small and had limited options! :(

But the customer service was good. The queue was remarkably long, so a couple of girls were handing out goodie bags filled with a snack and a bottle of water. While it wasn't anything fancy, I really admire them for taking note of little details.

I bought 3 items! I'm not sure if I would've bought these items if my friend hadn't egged me on, but truth is, I really wanted them because I seldom buy good quality goods for myself because I don't want to spend money on clothing that'll be damaged beyond repair within 5 of my aunts' excessive washing.

Anyway because I bought 3 items, I got a discount! ^^v

Feast your eyes upon these beauties! Haha

Item 1: Green Skater Skirt
Item 2: Floral Sweetheart Neckline Tube Dress
Item 3: Oxblood Faux Leather Jacket

They're all very comfortable! The floral dress is not the soft flowy type that's so common with blogshops nowadays. It has more structure, which I love. Here's a closeup of the design:

Fabric of the floral dress above.
And now... I must stop with my purchases. I've bought enough. I just need to wait for one last thing to arrive and I'm all done. My 4 for $48.88 bag from Riot Loco!

I'm so worried though, the delivery status has been "delivered" for more than a week, and I haven't received it. I made payment a week before CNY too. Really hope it's not lost in mail. T.T Riot Loco isn't helping by not replying my emails, I sent them 2 emails to ask about the estimated delivery time. Hais. Sad.

UPDATE: Received all four items, love them all! Also, Riot Loco is now defunct! 


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