Xiu's Star Cruise Trip: Day 3

Sorry nana~~ been v v busy with work lately that i dun have time to blog!! lucky the hardworking u is working hard!! keke!! i like reading ur post too!! its so u! LOL

now, back to blogging abt my star cruise trip!!
as usual, i woke up at ard 7am in my super small but cosy room for 4 and went for breakfast!! cus i've taken soooo many pictures of food before, so i din bother to take any more for the breakfast in case my post is flooded with pic of food. BUT, the following 2 dimsum is way TOO NICE for me and justice has to be given to them. (pssss, i ate 3 servings of each dimsum...heavenly!!)

us early in the morning!! no time to wear contacts!! LOL
The 2 dimsum which i mus do justice for them!!!                                    
prawn dumpling
glutinous siew mai
a satisfied me otw back to room to change into my swimsuit

After the sumptuous breakfast, we decided to go for a dip in the Jacuzzi!! Off we go to the parthenon pool cus the jacuzzi is just beside there!!
Rules and Regulation for the Pool!!
The kids' playing area!! adults is strictly not allowed on the slides!
before reaching the pool, we need to walk past the childcare and the arcade. and my very photogenic niece decided to take some picture there first being going for a dip in the pool!!

evonne imitaing spongebob!!

shooter evonne. dun mess with her!!
captain evonne! all hail to evonne sam!!
all changed and rdy for a dip!
me and my colourful swimsuit!!
4 of us in the jacazzi!! it has been ages since my mum wore a swimsuit!!
mememe!!! haha
there's a giant water slide there which is opened for everyone regardless of age. however, it is only opened at specific timing and is subjected to the weather conditions. if the wind is too big or its raining, the slide will be closed too. luckily that day, everything is perfect. and excited evonne is the first in the queue!! ok, i myself went 10 times on the slide cus i have to acc evonne! hahaa. the reason why we can take so many times is cus: we din alight for phuket!! since majority of the passengers alighted at phuket, we sorta had the whole pool to ourselves!! =X

here's evonne down the slideeeee~
having the whole pool to myself~~~
well, i tried my best not to get my hair wet, but it is almost impossible if u're taking the slide!! haha
We headed back to the room to rest after we got tired from climbing up the 4 tier of stairs for n-th time for the slides! as there's only ONE toilet and we hv to take turns to wash up, we let our mum go first. in the meantime! CAMWHORE!!

the indian feel~~
the cold and pathetic feel~~
Just nice, that night is our gala night, and im donned in the only dress that i brought along for the trip!!! after which, we headed for the cocktail party at level 7!!

my only dress!! haha
mum n me with our cocktail!!
the decoration for the cocktail night!
evonne trying out my cocktail!!
and guessed wad?? i bumped into HIM again!! i rili think ppl onboard the cruise mus bring alot of diff outfits onboard! first time when i saw him, he's wearing a toga leopard print top, second time was a knitted shirt with a scarf and the third time?? pls refer to the pic below!

The thrid time that i bumped into him!!!
the super antique phone that u can find all over the cruise!!
since evonne is a good girl that day, her mum decided to give her a treat at her fav place, SWENSENS!!! and the greedy evonne ordered banana boat! haha. 

banana boat onbard superstat virgo
after the dessert, we went to watch the acrobatic show at the theatrette again!! again, i din take any photos cus almost everything is held at the theatrette?? hahahha

to end off this post, let play spot the difference!! HAHA!! i knew this is very BHB, but do i look abit like dora??? LOL. both photos are taken on the same day but at diff timing!! LOL!!

stay tuned for day 4!!



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