~Busy busy busy~

Sorry Anna!! i've been so occupied with work that i haven have time to update this blog often!! but rest assured that this fruit of labour of ours will not go to waste!! we mus both continue to endeavor on!! FIGHTING!!

Just a short update!!

How's ur new work lately? for me, work has been piling up, the stack of documents on the corner of my desk is increasing at an exponential rate!! O.O

Well, life of an project engineer is like tt. no 'fixed' working hours!! been OT-ing quite recently due to hiccups in project...nonetheless, i told myself that i have to come out of my comfort zone and venture into something new in order for me to become a better me ^^ thus, *challenge accepted*

Working in the airport is indeed interesting, i get to see and experience new stuffs. and changi airport is sorta my 3rd home!! 2nd home being my company of cus! haha...almost everyday i see planes taking off and landing!! sometime i wonder when will it be my turn to fly off!! LOL.

Now is the peak period of my project due to phase closure! been at the airport for the past few days! its tiring, but i told myself i have to hang on!!!

I'll be back again, soon!! HAHAHA



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