Reminiscing DisneyWorld and Earrings Giveaway!

I was packing up my stuff so that I can easily access most things, and I came across some items that brought back many good memories!

I think one thing about me is that I'm a mild pack rat. I keep everything I can. But I do throw out items that I keep "in case I can find some use for it later" each time I lack la! So, mild.

But I tend to not keep things that bring back sad or bad memories. Why would I want to reminiscent on something sad again and again? Unless it's meaningful. So with that, I think it's always a good idea to toss out maybe plushies or love letters your ex gave you. And I'm referring to relationships that you want to put behind you. If you can look at those things without a tinge of regret or unhappiness, then keep them! If not, better to throw or give away. :)

Anyway I found these earrings that I so seldom wear, because I put them deep in my cupboard and forgot about them. Out of sight, out of mind!

Speaking of earrings, I'm giving away 2 sets of earrings at the end of this post. Scroll down to see them! (It's not a contest of any kind, I just frankly feel guilty to throw them away but I'll never wear them.)

Back to the out-of-sight-but-now-in-sight earrings! I bought these because I was working at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resorts and Campgrounds, and it suited the theme!!

Top panel: US$3.95. H&M
Bottom two panels: Bought at a buy 10 get 1 free deal with friends, so I'm not sure how much it actually costs... But each is around US$1, I guess. Claire's

Next is this pocket watch! It has a sort of a vintage feel to it, and it's one of my favorite buys! I don't actually use it though, it's too precious to me. I just keep it and... Look at it. Lol. And I got it at 70% discount! 

I felt that I can relate to this pocket watch in a way lol, because of the railway Mickey design on the front! The Fort used to have an internal railway train service that brings guests around the campgrounds! How cool is that? Now they use golf buggies instead and the train has been removed. Older guests come to me to tell me how much they miss the train every once in awhile. ^^

Ah, good memories. Working at Disneyworld is like a dream... Sometimes I miss it, but hey, gotta move on with life! When I establish a career (hopefully), I'm going back there to play! As long as I suffer no health issues, I can always ride roller coasters, even if I'm really old and going with my grandchildren or something! Hahaha

Anyway on a different note, I bought a bunch more earrings at Claire's- impulse buys. I'm much better at controlling myself these days, but back then, let me loose in a store and you'll have to retrain me from buying the store out of its stock!

So, I'm giving away the 2 sets of earrings below! Not selling, not holding a fancy giveaway. I just feel that if I have never worn them since I bought them, I probably never will. Who knows, if people are interested in my freebies, I can post up more items. I'll be moving house soon and need to clear lots of my stuff!

Just drop a comment or email me at if you want it.
The first to confirm that you want it will get it! 
Do include the following three details in your email or else it's not a confirmed "order". ^^

1. Which set you want
2. Your name 
3. Your address

You can opt for meet ups or postage. Surprise! I'll pay for normal postage. Thanks for helping me to not waste my impulse buys. Lol. ^^

And btw, Claire's is an accessories store that can be found in USA. They're not real silver or gold (duh ^^), so if you've got sensitive skin, please don't wear them! Sorry, but I will not be held responsible if you get an infection or negative reaction from wearing them. :)

One thing to note: I haven't touched these in a year. Even though they're brand new and have been kept in my jewelry box, CLEAN THEM before wearing!! I've tried cleaning earrings that I haven't worn in a long time before and they all become good as new, so I'm assuming the same for these. ^^v

Set 1

Set 2
Update: Giveraway ended! Thank you to those who wrote in! ^^


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