Riot Loco Review!

I love Riot Loco's fashion! They're edgier than most other blogshops, and have a more cool vibe as opposed to saccharine sweet and girl-next-door. As a dot com business, to place an order, one has to sign up for a free account, place items in the virtual cart, then check out. This makes shopping more convenient, as it omits the need to fill up and email an order form to an owner of a blogshop.

You can also keep track of the status of your order! That's how I knew when something was wrong, as I didn't receive my order long after the status had been updated to "delivered". 

Initially I dare not buy their clothes because their model is always so skinny! I immediately assumed that I couldn't fit into their clothes.

But after I took a chance and bought their leather shorts at a flea (brand new and at $8, baby!), I realized that OMG I CAN FIT INTO THEIR SHORTS!

Here's that pair of fabulously electric blue leather shorts:

Well ok, so the "electric" in "electric blue" isn't really all that clear due to the lighting... it's all up to your imagination to see the electric then!

And so, here's a post to let you all non-petite girls like me know that we can look good in some blogshop clothes!

I bought 4 items from Riot Loco after that- two are mine and the other two belong to my friend. No regrets, their customer service is excellent! In the beginning, I was really worried because I wasn't getting a response, but once they responded, it was efficient and professional.

Here are the two dresses I bought! ^^

Mirage Dress (Sand)

Leather Collar Dress with Studs

Lovely flattering shape of this dress~

These studs aren't going to fall off anytime soon! ^^v

*Riot Loco removes sold out items from their shop, so I was unable to find the actual names of Leather Collar Dress with Studs.

The quality of each of the items I bought is pretty fantastic, for the price I paid. There were only a few loose threads in the Mirage dress, and the leather of the collar was wrinkled after being squished during mailing, I suppose, but that's all I could find. Zippers were smooth, studs were sturdy and not the glued on kind, fabric was smooth to the touch... I'm a happy customer. ^^v

I'm a perfectly normal girl with a healthy BMI and weight. Not to say that other girls are malnourished, don't get me wrong, but just saying that I'm a bigger size. I can't ever fit my bottom into a size S. Ever. And I'm fine with that.

Until I buy something too small. Then I'm not ok with that.


UPDATE: Riot Loco is now defunct. They seem to only be focusing on the sister brand, Siouxx (?).


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