Xiu's CNY 2013

Ooops!! Been so busy that i totally forgot to blog about CNY!! Before i start on that topic, Anna, i practically laughed at ur joke!!! Bugis minus!! Mayb we shall find one day and go bugis- tgt?? HAHA

Back to the topic, chinese new year is an impt festival for the chinese (esp the angbaos right???) cus it symbolises a brand new year, as well as the relay of the zodiac!! and this is the year of the snake! well, im a dragon myself and last yr i 'fan tai sui' and my life in 2012 indeed isnt smooth sailing. now that the dragon has passed the baton to snake, i hope that 2013 will be a better year!! not only that, i went ard reading those fortune stuff, in shopping mall, online, magazine, listen from tv etc, and realise that the ROMANCE level for dragon this year is HUAT!! (4-5 stars on avg) while the rest is above avg. hope it rili come true huh?? HAHA!! and i find the comic below super funny so i decided to share it!! ROFL~

During CNY, its a norm to wear new stuff as it symbolises a new beginning, esp during the first 3 days!
Well, im tt kinda person who rather believe and take things with a pinch of salt, thus i told myself that i have to wear something new everyday, AT LEAST one item is new (including accesories and undies *shy*) for the 15 day. I know it sounds ridiculous, but i think i managed to do it?? HAHAHA!! its quite fun actually, digging my wardrobe and finding clothes tt i've forgetton!! c'mon girls, i think majority of u are like me. buy and chuck one side. HAHAHA!! tts a bad habit of mine, i admit :p
*disclaimer: my definition of 'new' clothes included those i bought ages ago but nv worn before.

Day 1:
OOTD: Red Scallop Neck Dress + Brown Furry Belt from Jipaban!!

Me n Evonne, who came super early in the morning to wake me up!!

My pretty sis!! we dun look alike right?? HAHA
My younger bro and me!! Well , i used to be taller than him!
my brothers surrounded with pretty ladies!! *super bhb*
my family portrait!! <3
After having lunch tgt, we head off to my 2nd cousin's de dad's hse @ yew tee area. my cousin drove taxi, so he fetched us there. and this is how he looks like!!! HAHA ------------------------->
Anna saw him in real life before cus he used to fetch me home from my korean class!! he dotes on me quite a lot, better than my older brother!! HAHAHA~~

anyway, he doesnt like to take photo, so pardon him for the awkward look!! HAHAHA!! i sorta forced him to take this photo with me!! evil right??

Camwhored at the gigantic mirror in the living room 
while the rest is playing mahjong!!

continued to camwhore at some corner in the house until my cousin came about!! she's the same age as me!!! =D

Day 2: Red Dress from The Design Closet! Bought it during their warehouse sales!! =D
The front and back view of the dress!! Din manage to take any photos cus after that, im mahjong-ing!!

Day 3: Pink Pleated Dress from Fairebelle!! bought it during the warehouse sales as well!!
As usual, my sister dropped over again and we played the dice gambling game. apparently, it was modified from the drinking game that my sis-in-law taught her. nonetheless, we had loads of fun!! i think i lost? HAHA! no luck w dice!! not much photo taken cus its their turn to come my hse for mahjong! LOL

Day 4: A black dress that my sister's aunt gave her but she gave it to me cus she doesnt like, LOL!

Day 5: Khaki military blouse i got from La Nouveau Mode!

Day 7: Pink blouse which i got from Jipaban again!!

Day 8: Mint Dress from The Design Closet!!

For the rest of the house gathering/visits, i din manage to take any shots cus i was in my co polo tee with safety boots. dun think it will look nice here bahs?? HAHA!! thus no photos!! paiseh!!

And this yr, i lao yu sheng for 9times! does that means that the probability all my wishes which i shouted out during the lou hei will increase by 9times?? HAHA!! i hope so too~~ >.<

Eventhou i know its a bit late now, but still, I hereby wish our readers a smooth sailing year in the year of the snake!!! HUAT ARRRRRRR~~~~
(ending off with a selca as usual!!)



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