A lazy day, a new camera

I finally got the warranty for my new camera! 

Next on my list is a tripod! I can use my phone like a remote control and take photos from a distance, but I still have to hold the camera since there isn't any suitable surface to balance it on now. LOL.

So today is my off day! I didn't plan anything so that I can rest at home- I've been coughing for a month now wtf.

I decided to take photos of my clothes- clothes that I might have plans to sell in the future!

Unfortunately, I couldn't really take nice photos due to the bad lighting- it just had to be cloudy and rainy today- and again, lack of tripod meant I can't get a nice angle and the camera kept tilting over lol.

So here's just me in a galaxy print cropped top, getting wind-blown in a room like a fool- ah, but a fool having fun. Haha

I realize how terrible aging is... I'm not even that old yet, and my skin seems to be sagging. I could've sworn that my face used to be smaller, and my weight was still about the same as now...

Anyway, I think I shall bring my camera down... somewhere.... to get it looked at. There's this grey round spot that I can't get rid of, and it's bothering me so badly! OMG. Look at the photo above, it's at my chest. That's not a birthmark or bruise ok!


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