Breast Chocolate Milk??

I was out at Jurong Point today when my friend spotted an interesting looking shop- Sophisca. So being the curious kids that we all are on the inside, we decided to check it out! ^^

What began as innocent giggling about the store's Halloween goodies (isn't it a little too early to stock up on those??) led us to discover the unique and slightly R rated items.

Sophisca is Taiwan's first specialty candy store, if I'm not wrong. It sells the usual sweets and candies, but there are a few that are packaged in ways that you can't imagine! There are chocolates and candies in packages that resemble the packaging of condoms, sanitary pads and medicated oil, jelly in syringes, etc.

This is what we bought!

Breast Chocolate Box ($8.90)

We thought it might be paddings for bras. Lol. The little chocolate bits were wrapped individually in the box, and were shaped like a heart... Albeit a heart with boobs and nipples.

Looks-wise, it's quite a novelty and would make great whimsical gifts! However, taste-wise... Meh. Don't bother, especially since it's quite expensive for such a small box. That's my two cents. ^^

Ending with a vain ootd of yours truly. ㅋㅋㅋ


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