Frozen Yoghurt!!

XIUHUA! Sorry to hear that your phone has left your prematurely... how how, now we can only communicate via facebook and this blog LOL! What's your plan?? ^^


I don't know about you, but I love frozen yoghurt with every fibre of my being!

Even though it makes me cough when I eat it too quickly, since it's so cold.

Even though I think it makes me bloat. Lol.

Yoguru at Kallang Leisure Park *noms*

Frozen yoghurt sounds healthy, right?

I hate yoghurt- the texture sets off my gag reflex almost instantly. But when frozen, it's like... fancy italian ice cream (gelato?) or sorbet!

But I'm not too sure how healthy frozen yoghurt is. Who knows how much sugar, preservatives and god-knows-what-else might've been added to the recipe since its inception, when it was much more likely that it's a health food.

In any case, who adds a heapload of toppings to their frozen yoghurt? *whee raise all the hands!!!*

He only remembers one out of the three flavours he bought for me- Taro (yam). YUMS!

Because I know for sure that that is what makes your little cup of "healthy" snacking really unhealthy. *BOO~!* *Throws a variety of rotten vegetables at me*


Go Google it, I'm not kidding. :P

My favourite flavour at the moment is Natural. Tastebuds, why you so boring??

Next... Peach. Then maybe Blueberry. ^^

9 out of 10 times I eat it plain. TASTEBUDS, WHY YOU SO BORING??

But anyway, here's one of the few times when I bought toppings. This was when I went to Legoland in Malaysia with my friend a few months ago.

Tutti Frutti outside Legoland- soy! But tastes the same as any other frozen yoghurt to me.

He's the nutter who couldn't stop adding toppings.

This is like, The Most Expensive frozen yoghurt I've ever bought!

And can I just say... I am so relieved I've dropped a few kilograms since Legoland, Malaysia. Reminder to self- NEVER let yourself gain that much weight ever again!

Had Tutti Frutti again over the weekend!

Now I've got a craving for a cup of frozen yums. Shoot.


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