Habitat Coffee @ Thomson Road~ + Nonsense Rants

Sometime last week, i had a gathering with my friends at Habitat Coffee at thomson road! was specially recommended by my frens there as they provide all-day brunch!! and just nice, she had a craving for the brunch and wanted us to have a catchup session there!! So, off we go!!

Habitat Coffee is located off thomson road, near to thomson plaza, and is opposite to the famous bar chor mee!!!

The exterior design of Habitat Coffee
Well, they do serve all day-brunch but not on weekdays~~ haha
The array of cakes and pies that greets u once u enter the stall~
The first floor of the shop plan~~
Bored?? Dun worry, there's magazine there for you to read!
After settling down and choosing our seats, i took a shot of the cosy view of the 2nd floor. we reached ard 730pm~~ loves the interior design of the place. its gives people a warm and homely feeling!! ^^

exquisite interior design of the 2nd floor
Well, we're all famished by the time we reached. wanted to order the all-day brunch initially but they do not provide it during weekdays! so we have to settle for the other mains~~ first up, we order their truffles fries to share and its was super nice!! pls order it and try!!

SUPER DELICIOUS truffle fries!!
and of course, we started to camwhore while waiting for our mains to come!!! isnt that like typical for singaporean?? keke

my kakis!!
we've known each other since sec 1. go do the maths urself? HAHA
HAHA!! the one who promised that she'll lend me her five senses and meaty shoulders whenever i need it~
TADA~~ the 3 of us!!
and finally!! our main came!!

zhuang and her cheesy sausage pasta. i cant remember the exact name~

Sze and her take shitake pasta
me and my curry pasta!
Overall, i like the ambience and the setting of the place. its gives people a warm feeling. and they do provide free plain water for their customers. the price of the food is affordable and they do not charge for service n gst if i din remember wrongly! the bill came up to $50 for 3. Foodwise, we all find the truffle fries fantastic and the pasta is not bad!!! its a great place if u wanna gather a few frens there for dinner and to chill out!

now both zhuang and sze is enjoying themselves in taiwan while im still stuck in singapore...project ran into a big hiccups recently and its inconvenient for me to divulge anything here also. but amidst all the hiccups, i still manage to pass my probation. i dunno if i shld laugh or i shld cry??

well, let me rant something off my chest first

when nothing happens, everyone takes things for granted. only when sth happens, then the snowball will jus roll and gather in size. bad things are coming in waves, one after another and indirectly, my stress level is building up. sometimes, im at a loss at wad to do also. im new to this company and is still adapting to the culture, and yet, so many things happen and im being forced up a steep learning curving.

i hate to hear stuff like " you should know how to do this, you're a uni grad!" well, lemme clarify sth here. uni grad DOESNT mean that we know how to do EVERYTHING! we're new to the workforce and we still require ur guidance to grow! u cant expect a child to learning running before walking right? and uni grad doesnt means that you're equipped with the wings to fly. so, to the older generation people, pls stop ur sarcasm towards us cus sometimes, you guys went overboard. its not that we do not want to fight back. we refuses to fight back cus we respect you as our superior. and also, if we choose to remain quiet and not fight back doesnt mean that u're correct either.

everyone yearns for a good working environment. and please also do no enforce teaching methods from ur generation to our generration and IT WILL NOT WORK. so stop telling me grandfather stories when all u wan is me to help you complete a single task!! why waste that one hour of ours when i can get more things done?? and sometimes, the slap first sayang later method is not efficient too. if you guys get wad im trying to say.

well. enough of my ranting. those older generation doesnt read blogs anyway~ haha.



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