My resurrected blackberry~


And whats the next greatest news?? My blackberry is back to NORMAL already!!! I shall share with you what happened and what did i do to resurrect it back from hell!! HAHA!!

One fine day, I decided to go to Jurong bird park with my frens!! So off i went happily. The day went well, the sun was SORCHING, the bird shows was fantastic, the scenery is nice, the birds are cute etc..towards the end of the trip, when we reached the giant waterfall, we decided to get for toilet breaks. So, in i went. placed my stuffs (bagpack, sunglasses, umbrella, phone etc) on the ledge and began my business. after im done, i started to retrieve my stuffs from the ledge. at this faithful point of time, when i reached out for my bag, the bag 'accidentally' pulled the lanyard of the phone and then it went,
 and it landed into a bucket of water (used to collect rainwater)

I was like 'UH-OH' and immediately went to retrieve my phone and saw that its working!! so i went to try out the buttons and realise that only the trackpad is working. so i off-ed the phone and restarted it. and it was a very very bad move. i think i was so startled at that point of time that i din even have the time to think properly. and by restarting the phone, i burnt my own SIM card. how smart right? HAHA!!

after which i went to sought emily's help. and decided to 'roast' the phone under the hot sorching sun, but to no avail. the phone jus plain refuses to start up and even if there's images on the screen, it jus JAM. my heart, sank.

its not that im a big fan of blackberry, its just that its my only phone. yes, i got laughed at cus my blackberry do not have camera (i used to work in the defense sector, thus the camera-less blackberry), but other than that, it perfectly fine. and now, i feel that i cant live without a phone. my sub-con needs to call me, i need to contact my fren and stuffs!! i totally cannot imagine myself without my phone T.T

after bird park, we went to have lunch at ding tai fung at jurong point. and suddenly, i remembered that jurong point do have a hello store!! so i went over, told them about my predicament and they exchanged a new sim card for me, FOC! however, even after i inserted the new sim card, my phone still refuses to start up T.T

then i set off to emily's house to take a quick bath cus we're heading over to browhaus to trim our eyebrows!! during my stay at emily's hse, i gave my phone the HAIR DRYER treatment. while i was giving my phone the HAIR DRYER treatment, emily lend me her omnia 1 so that i'll still be contactable. (yes, i do not have extra phone...) but, to no avail, the phone still refuses to startup...i was quite desperate at that point of time already...thus, i decided to sought my brother for help. and he told this remedy:

AIYA, you just need to put ur phone in the rice bucket can already~~~

i told emily about wad my brother said and she laughed. however, i decided to give it a try as i was already driven to a corner and had no other way out?

upon reaching home, i did exactly what my bro said, opened up the phone and placed it in the rice bucket. then i went to slp as i was super exhausted. at first, my bro wans me to put in there for 2 hours only, however, i fell asleep and left the phone there overnight. and miraculously, the next day when i retrieve the phone from the rice bucket and insert my sim card in, IT WORKS PERFECTLY WELL!! u totally cant imagine hw elated i was, i need to wait until june in order to chaange to a new phone!!

Verdict: Even thou the method sounds ridiculous, it works! and when i search for remedy on the internet, this method came out too! thus, if your phone rili dropped into water, pls try this method also! hahaha~~

Dear Blackberry, pls do not leave me at this point of time when i needed you the most. Thank you in advance!!



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