New York Skin Solutions Review Part 1

I'm a softie through and through. Why do I say that? Well, basically, I find it hard to say no.
I feel so pressurized to say yes, even at the expense of my wallet.

As a result, I've gotten myself in various undesirable situations doing surveys and listening to salespeople promote their products for goodness knows how long.

And so that brings me to my post today... A review of New York Skincare. Lol. Because I bought the $10 voucher from a young part timer who told outrageous lies in order to convince me to buy, as I realized 10 mins after stepping into New York Skin Solutions. -.-"

What's that? Did I hear someone say "gullible?" I have to agree.

This is a very detailed account (aka lengthy) of my New York Skin Solutions experience, so this post shall be split into two! 

Tips are in red ink for easy viewing, since I'm long winded. 

*Review begins here!*

New York Skin Solutions Review

I bought the $10 voucher because of the following reasons in no particular order:

1. I am already a customer at another spa
at Novena, so I thought it was convenient.
2. It's $10 for 2 facials!
3. It's an established brand.

For those of you who do not know about this company, they are a "premium skin treatment company that focuses on restoring healthy, perfect skin for those struggling with skin problems." 

The first Asian outlet was opened in Singapore in 2004. Today, they have more than 30 outlets, including outlets located in Malaysia. New York Skin Solutions claims to use 100% botanical products that are specially made for Asian skin, and has resolved the skin woes of both male and female customers with "amazing results".

Information summarized from

Here's an overview of what happened to me:
1. Making an appointment
2. Registration
3. Consultation
4. Decide on how much I'm willing to fork out
5. Fend off hardcore upselling
6. Begin facial
7. Fend off more hardcore upselling
8. Brace myself for extreme resentment when I refuse to sign a package
9. Leave and go home with slightly swollen face
Part 1 (this post) will cover points 1 to 4. Part 2 will cover points 5 to 9. 

Details of the voucher I bought:
- 2 treatments of my choice
- 1 free set of travel sized beauty products from New York Skin Solutions with carrier
- Valid for one year
- Supposed to give free eye care for the first 50 customers, but either they forgot or I'm not the first 50, since they didn't mention it at all, and I forgot to ask

I will be referring loosely to all beauty services/providers as "spas".

1. Making an appointment 
This was frustrating. After far too many text messages and phone calls, my appointment was fixed at 7.30pm. A confirmation SMS was sent to let me know what I should bring, and where to go.

They didn't seem very happy that I couldn't make it earlier, despite allowing this exception for me to go down later. I guess since my consultation plus treatment would take 2.5 hours, I'll end 30 mins after their official closing time (9pm).

The polite, business casual tone and smiley faces were quickly replaced with sullenness.
2. Registration
I headed down on 6 April 2013. The service is not too bad. They greeted me, asked if my name is Anna, and took my IC and voucher for registration. I was led to a small room to wait for my consultant.

Be prepared for a hailstorm of compliments during this phase.

"OMG you're beautiful!"
"Gorgeous girl!"
"I'm sure you have a boyfriend, because you're just so pretty!"

Do not be swayed by honeyed words! Lol.

3. Consultation
There was this huge ass poster of a model with absolutely perfect skin in the room, all glowing and whatnot. Hais. Probably photoshopped, but I still felt very inadequate due to how much my skin suffered from hormonal acne left untreated for about a year or so. Playing mind games, New York Skin Solutions? ;P

As mentioned, the huge ass poster of Miss Radiant Skin *jealous jealous*

The room was small and dark. Good thing I'm not claustrophobic. I do wonder if the dimness makes one's skin looks worse though, to encourage people to sign on more packages...

Quite dim, right?

A 3D model of our skin, which they didn't even use.

Lots of their products under a not-very-clean glass table top

One interesting thing is that all consultation rooms are named after prominent icons/places of New York City such as Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, or something along these lines.
The wait wasn't too long. My consultant was Daisy. I filled up and signed a form to declare that all information was true. It was just basic things like what time I slept, any allergies, am I on any medication...

Strangely, the manager decided to sit in on this consultation.

I wish I wasn't in the last appointment slot, because they were very obvious about rushing. They spoke very quickly and were impatient to repeat themselves when I couldn't understand the cheem terminology that they were bombarding me with- in Mandarin!

(For those of you who don't know me, I'm really really weak in Mandarin. Like, no joke. I did fairly average in secondary school, with a B. That was a miracle.)

To me, consultation is when they try to scare me silly with close up photos of my skin, telling me how bad it was- but have no fear, because they can easily help me. After many sessions. After I sign on. After I pay a few hundred dollars. And probably would want me to top up to make it a few thousand dollars. Nothing constructive was said.

By constructive, I mean they didn't mention skin types, lifestyle, diet,etc. They did spend maybe a minute drawing a rough sketch of vague circles and lines to tell me that somehow I had lost collagen in my skin, though.

All in all, I'd say this consultation wasn't very helpful.

Take it all with a pinch of salt. They usually exaggerate, or use cheem terminology, so that customers will sign on in panic, or sign out of awe and immediate trust in their professionalism and knowledge of skincare. 

4. Decide on how much I'm willing to fork out

The manager said she would make a special exception for me, and give me this super good deal of $300 for 4 sessions of some sort of facial that would restore collagen in my skin, and make my skin radiant once again. It would also lighten my acne scars.

How am I to believe that these 4 sessions were enough, when a dermatologist advised me to begin with 10 sessions of LASIK surgery for $1500? "Begin"- as in, even 10 sessions were not enough. So, I'm inclined to believe that they want me to sign on more expensive packages after the 4 sessions, and told them so.

Do take note, they will always, always tell you that because you are a first time customer, you get special rates of a few hundred dollars and maybe a free moisturizer thrown into the deal, but if you reject the offer, you will have to pay a few thousand dollars in the future when you return. Please just heck it. After spending thousands of dollars, I have finally learned that you know what, this is not worth it. I can be a first time customer at another spa, can't I?

My advice is to decide on a range of how much you're willing to spend at the spa, keeping in mind that with whatever you sign, they will continue to upsell rather relentlessly. Be firm!

I'm vain, I admit it. What happened to me (at another spa) was that I agreed to sign a little bit more each time, perhaps adding on some ampoules for better absorption of product. Because if not, the initial amount of money I invested in the package wouldn't yield my ideal results.

This snowballed into such a large sum of money that I almost went crazy trying to pay my bills, keeping in mind that I was definitely spending much, much more than my spending power, given that I currently earn less than $2,000 per month (gross income).

It's so very tempting to sign the package, but I made a promise to a special someone that I'll stop my crazy signing of beauty services, and that ultimately helped me to reject New York Skin Solutions. *Proud* successkid.jpeg

I'll stop here, since this post is getting so long.
Please don't let yourself be tempted and sign on much more than you can or should. It's not worth it, and you'll only realize that after you've signed yourself into a deal that you can't break out of- at least not easily.

They'll try to close a fast deal so you don't get time to think, so try asking them to give you some time to consider. They won't let you leave the place, but at least you might be able to think clearly again after 10 minutes free of their incessant upselling.

But once you are clear on what you want, and how much you want to spend, I believe that there is no harm in trying New York Skin Solutions. Just be smart about it. ^^


If you're still reading, thanks, hope I helped! Do share your experience too, I'd like to hear about it. Comment or drop me an email at!

Part 2 is up, read it here! ^^v

Disclaimer: This is just my two cent's worth. This is in no way an advertisement- I am not paid to do this.


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