New York Skin Solutions Review Part 2

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So, here's part 2 of my experience at New York Skin Solutions! I was at the branch at Novena Square 2.

Again, I will just be referring loosely to all beauty services/providers as "spas", and tips are in red ink for easy viewing.

I talked about points 1 to 4 in Part 1 (read it here!), and now I'll talk about points 5 to 9.
1. Making an appointment
2. Registration
3. Consultation
4. Decide on how much I'm willing to fork out
5. Fend off hardcore upselling
6. Begin facial
7. Fend off more hardcore upselling
8. Brace myself for extreme resentment when I refuse to sign a package
9. Leave and go home with face slightly swollen

*Review begins here!*

5. Fend off hardcore upselling

They insisted I try their awesome radiant collagen facial thing, which was a free upgrade from the two basic treatments I was entitled to from buying the $10 voucher.

I would rather have 2 facials, but whatever, I just wanted to get out because it was getting harder and harder to say no.

Daisy even had the guts to walk out of the consultation room in the middle of our conversation. Bewildered, I asked where she was going, and she told me that we were going to begin my facial. To which I replied, "But... I didn't even say that I wanted to pay that $300." Daisy and the manager rushed back into the room to continue to persuade me.

Seems like they only agreed to let me go in the end because it was getting late.

Don't just follow blindly and agree to whatever they say.

Read anything they tell you sign and don't be shy to ask for clarifications. They can offer you many things that are not in the package, so no one except you and your consultant will know what's included in the deal that you agreed to, so make sure that your consultant gives you all that she mentioned in black and white!

6. Begin facial

Daisy asked me to follow her, but she walked so quickly that I almost lost her. Everything seemed hastily done.

This facial wasn't as good as what I expected. For one thing, she looked upset that I was carrying a bag AND a plastic bag, and the small room had nowhere to put it. She was also quite rough when she was cleaning off my makeup. Afterwards, I noticed that she didn't do a good job, leaving severe panda eyes.

It also seemed like she did a half-assed job with the extraction part of the facial, because she commented that I have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads, and quickly added that she will only remove a little here and there, so that it will reduce the chances of me breaking out the next day.

Really? Maybe it's a procedure that I'm not familiar with, but every other spa I've been to said that they need to do a really good job removing as much as the blackheads and whiteheads as possible, because those can clog the pores, enlarge the pores, and become pimples. Basically, she spent a little more than 5 mins on extraction, based on the super short amount of time I spent lying there.

She did half my face first, to show me the "before" and "after". Sad to say, I didn't notice much of a difference, all I could see were redness from the extraction (which is normal) and eyeliner-residue panda eyes. Daisy then kept going on about how great half my face looks now, and only stopped when I grudgingly agreed. -.-

I don't think she did any extraction on the other half of my face. -.-"

I didn't even realized when it was over. She just stopped and walked off until I asked if it's over, then she said yes, I can change from the robe back into my clothes.

Oh ya, she also gave me a brief massage during one part of the facial while I was doing a mask. Wasn't anything fantastic, but still, good effort to provide service right? ^^

7. Fend off more hardcore upselling

Just say no. Unless you truly believe there are fantabulous results from the facial.

I got away easy because it was past the closing time. Hehe.

8. Brace myself for extreme resentment when I refuse to sign a package

Trying to hastily close a deal, Daisy kept telling me that my complexion is sallow, my pores are enlarged and my scars are very serious and obvious. Only their facial could help me, because "as I can see" from this one session, my complexion has greatly improved and is much more radiant. But I have to disagree with that.

Try to swallow all the insults and negative comments they throw your way and just say no. :)

9. Leave and go home with face slightly swollen

Self explanatory heading. Plus my eyeliner-residue panda eyes.

Btw... this may seem quite obvious but some people actually do make this mistake. If you want to sign any package anywhere, make sure you actually have the time to go down for the treatments! Lol. Think long term if you're signing for many sessions, and not just think ahead for the next couple of weeks.

I've learned during my short stint working at another spa that people react differently to the products. Some might be lucky to see visible results after a short while, while others could be regular customers for a year and not see improvement. Don't shell out a huge sum of money unless you're ready to take this risk! 

You can also check to see if they have a guarantee policy. At some spas, they will give you your money back (or a partial refund), or some sort of compensation, if you do not experience the results that they said you'd see. Get this down in black and white!


I can only hope that after more posts, I can learn how to be less naggy and talk straight to the point. 

Should I talk about my experience with DRx too? I went there after reading it on Rachel Tan's blog and am now a current, quite happy, customer! ^^v

XIUHUA UNNIE!! Can't wait to meet you again and pass to you a sample of the DRx CF product!

Disclaimer: This is just my two cent's worth. This is in no way an advertisement- I am not paid to do this.


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