Feeling the blues

Aw nah, you're the one who keeps this blog going when I'm too busy to post! ^^ So glad to hear that you can finally work on your project again omg. The delay was so long!! You can do it!! Take care of your health despite your hectic schedule ok! ^^

Been feeling down for so long now, I think it's largely because I can't seem to get well. I've been sick for almost two months now.

I just went to the doctor for the second time- a different doctor than my first visit. The first one was rubbish.

Just my two cents'- Don't go the the Healthway clinic at the third floor of Sun Plaza.

The second clinic I went to was near my place, maybe a 5 min's walk. It was also a Healthway branch. The doctor said that I probably didn't have bronchitis (don't know if the first doctor was wrong, or if I'm cured lol).

Instead, I appear to just catch viruses like the common flu repeatedly. Like, before I get well completely, I fall ill again.

Not sure if that's true... but hey, I'll take my medicine and see what happens.

Hope I'll be ok, it'll be SUCH A RELIEF to stop coughing and sniffling!

Yes I'm whiny. Whee~ ><

Here's a funny meme (funny to me, at least) from 9Gag to inject some life into this boring wordy post!

Hope everyone takes care of themselves. Don't fall sick, or you can't enjoy your holidays as much! ^^

XIUHUA! Now's the season of illness lol. Take care! ^^



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