Lack in updates~~

Hey guys~~~

Im so so sorry for the lack in updates!! luckily hardworking anna is keeping this space going!! Thanks so much, anna!! ^^

WAH!! i din know that the admin dept in SIM is soooooooo stuck-up!!! they shld at least give u a decent reply after wanting you to wait for an hour!! i'll be pissed if i were u as well!

Well, good news and bad news to share with u also. Good news is!! finally the Stop Work Order is lifted!!! means i can start working on site already!! no more documentations for MOM and my client side!! HAHAHA!! BAD NEWS?? Anna, u will see less and less of me cus now, im 1 mth behind schedule and i need to work doubly hard to catch up with the lost time...

the project is already behind schedule from the start, and now, with all these hoo-haas~ , its even more behind schedule now! but i believe, i shall be a strong superwoman and pull thru all this shit.

I really hope i can complete this project smoothly. i want to taste fruits of my labour, the sweet success.
Xiuhua, u can do it!! FIGHTING!


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