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This week was pretty rough on me, the special guy in my life is no longer present. Regardless, I try to look on the bright side. It's better to have ended it earlier than to prolong the pain in the future, yea? :')

Anyway, I've been keeping myself extra busy so as to keep my mind off the negative!

Feelings of the heart have a huge impact on me. You can stab me with a knife but I believe I'd be more troubled with bgr issues. LOL. Not that I've ever tried getting stabbed with a knife, but... yea.

It has been months since I last visited Scape! I went there with a new friend a few days ago. There was a KissJane warehouse sale! Shopping therapy!!!

I only bought one belt ($6) and one oversized tee ($5). My belt costs more than my shirt. Lol. And I got a free SHAPE magazine! Plus a shitload of free samples for feminine wash and bust firming lotion. I guess it's appropriate since they were promoting girl power, health and awareness of cancer.

I mean, like seriously. There were cancer awareness posters everywhere outside and inside the venue; cancer awareness booths next to the clothes for sale inside; pole dancers performing inside; regular announcements to join free trial pole dancing lessons to become toned and exercise more...

Bought a Harry Potter ring at Scape #potterfan

Close-up of my Potter ring <3

So True

Wonderful note from wonderful friend to cheer me up! ^^

Free ice cream cone!!!

Got a few compliments at work on my hairband, I was a happy girl that day!
I think it's been far too long since I last stepped into McDonald's?? I ordered a Cheeseburger and Hot Fudge Sundae to takeaway, and the server apologized to me for not being able to serve me my food in under 60 seconds.


Is that even possible??

Well, the ladies behind the counter said it was, so... ok.

I think it makes their lives harder though. They get paid wayyy too little. I think it's perfectly reasonable to wait a few more minutes for my burger during lunch time. It's peak hours!

Either way, I got that complimentary ice cream cone. Not a huge thing, but a nice gesture on McD's part.

Just hope they're paying their frontline staff members more than $3+/hour.


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