Photo Post!

I noticed how wordy our posts are... so here's some of the more interesting points in my recent days summed up in photos!

Wore this dress and everyone thought I was going clubbing lol.

Sent my brother to the airport. PEACE in the house yea!!

My awesome new colleagues!
Became a fan of Lakerol ^^

Fell in love with Netherland Dwarf rabbits at the pet store... <3
One of the Netherland Dwarf bunnies I considered for adoption

I didn't adopt any in the end...

If I'm not 100% confident that I can take on the long term commitment to taking care of a pet, I shouldn't get one!

Btw, if anyone wants to buy a pet, please Google for those who want to give away their pets first!!

I feel so bad for the bunnies that must be rehomed quickly due to unforeseen circumstances:
- Owner's deteriorating health
- Owner's kids developing allergies
- Owner received sudden orders to enter NS for re-service
- Owner suddenly had to move to another country
- Etc...

Yep, these are all real, I even met up with some of them to meet the bunnies.T.T


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