Toni&Guy GLAMOUR: Serum Drops (Shine and Anti Frizz)

Recently, I've started seeing someone. And one of the first thing he tells me is that he can see my hair is damaged.

*Jaw drops in shock*

Mistaking my silence for agreement, he continues to tell me that he could tell that my hair has been quite badly damaged since he first laid eyes on me- and my hair.

*Struggles to close mouth*

He said it a matter-of-factly in that way that guys don't really care. It's with the same tone as one would say "Hot weather today, huh?" But being the fragile, sensitive person that I am... LOL. But yea, it was on my mind for days.

I've tried various brands of hair masks, serums, leave-in conditioner, and of course, shampoo and conditioner. Cheap drugstore brands? Tried. Closer to the high-end spectrum of brands? Tried. Anything in between? Tried!

So I gave up and let my frizzy hair go untamed.

Btw, my hair isn't damaged.

I seldom use the hair dryer, hair straightener, hair curler, hair wax, hairspray, etc- because... I guess I suck at styling my hair, since it looks messy 99.9% of the time. I did dye my hair twice using Liese Bubble Hair Colour- the only DIY hairdye that I dare to use because it's idiot proof.

And my hair was already frizzy before the Liese. :(

Oh, and I also LOVE the packet of leave-in conditioner that comes with each box of dye. Does anyone know if they sell this leave-in conditioner on its own? Drop me an email at if you know please!

Anyway, after that comment, a salesgirl came and promoted Toni&Guy GLAMOUR: Serum Drops (Shine and Anti Frizz). I consider it on the slightly pricier side.

GLAMOUR is just one range of their products. They also have MEN, CLEANSE, NOURISH...

One week later, I went to Watsons and bought a box of it. The little tiny bottle costs S$20+. -.- *Crosses fingers and hopes fervently that it works*

Photo from the Toni & Guy website
Helps prevent frizz and fly-aways and gives high shine with a gloss finish. Work 2-3 drops between palms then smooth through mid-lengths and ends of dry, styled hair or for volume and shine mix with Volume Plumping Whip in the palm of your hands before working through the mid-lengths and ends of towel-dried hair before diffusing.
- Toni&Guy official website

As usual, I applied much more than the usual amount. From past experience, I knew not to just bwah the entire lot into my hair, because I'd just end up with a head of half frizzy and half oily hair.

I apply it to my hair in sections. 5 sections, actually. LOL.

I pump the serum once onto my palm... sometimes it's the size of a Singapore 5 cent coin, sometimes a 10 cent coin. The old ones, not the new versions of 2013.

Then I swipe most of the mini dollop of serum on my palms onto the tips of my fingers, and run my fingers through my hair, concentrating most of it on the ends of the hair. Then, I slowly work my way up to the roots, and apply the leftovers on the top in my rather futile attempt to tame the flyaways.

I really work this shit patiently and gently into my hair. Not roughly. Idk if it's true but I feel like if I'm rough and rub it in, my hair will become frizzier. Like, not just the top layer that everyone sees, but the inside layers too. Does that make sense?

My logic is, when the wind blows, maybe the hair "inside" will be exposed and I want them to be shiny and glossy- or at least frizz-free! Or maybe it's too hot and I suddenly decide to do an updo? Then I'd need the inside layer of hair to be frizz-free!


In any case, from past experience, I try not to apply on my fringe. It just seems to get so oily so quickly if I don't. And I slowly build up the product to avoid the oily look. Ugh.

I guess it sort of works... a little... until the wind blows, then all the effort is gone. Here's when I used an excessive amount of Toni & Guy Anti Frizz serum! (Keep in mind that adjusting the lighting, contrast and adding a filter can really make it look much better than it is.)

I shall continue to use this product for a few weeks before making a final verdict on its effectiveness! And also provide some photos that are not edited so much. I must edit my photos because I don't like all my acne scars showing. T.T

Is anyone else using this? Let me know if it's any good for you!

Or do let me know if there are any good anti-frizz products out there! ^^


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