Xiu's Sibu Island Trip Part 1~~

Sorry for the loooooong hiatus.

Had been so busy with work that i've neglected this blog for some time...so sorry to all readers for the disappearance!! My work has been so hectic that i wished that i could go for a breather! my chance came when my colleagues asked me along for a trip to sibu island!!

Actually this is the first time that i heard of sibu island...i accidentally googled upon it and suggested to my colleagues and they welcome the idea. eventhou they nv heard abt it before. At first they thought that i meant "Cebu Island" which is in Phillipines, until i told them that its actually "Sibu Island"....hahaha... It's just a short getaway over the Labour Day holiday. I ought to give myself a break after the hard work being put in during the Stop Work Period! *excuses~~*

According to Wikipedia,
"Pulau Sibu, also known as Sibu Island, is a small island off Malaysia's eastern coast, facing the South China Sea. It is actually made up of several islands namely Sibu Besar Island, Sibu Tengah Island, Sibu Kukus Island and Sibu Hujung Island.

Sibu Besar, the main island, is approximately 6 km long and 1 km wide, and for the most part covered by tropical vegetation. On the southern end there is a small fishing village called Kampong Duku with a population of fewer than a hundred people (about 40 families).
There are a number of small resorts on the island, typically used as a weekend or short vacation destination fromSingapore, since the closest mainland jetty Tanjong Leman is only a roughly 3 hour drive from Singapore via Johor Bahru. The main leisure activities on the island are watersports such as snorkeling and diving - not surprising since the area was designated a Marine Park in 1993 and numerous coral reefs are close to hand.
There are four main beaches on the eastern side of Sibu, where most of the beach resorts are located. Sea Gypsy Village Resort and Dive Base and Sibu Island Cabanas are situated on a beach facing Tinggi Island. Other resorts, such as Rimba Resort, are on the opposite side. Resorts facing the mainland are Coconut Village Resort, Junansa Villa and Twin Beach Resort. Most of the resorts are closed during the annual 3-month monsoon period, save for those facing the mainland. "

I googled around for the resort around Sibu Island and found 2 resort: Rimba Resort and Sibu Island Resort and emailed to enquire for the vacancy. In the end, i chose Sibu Island Resort cus Rimba Resort replied that I need to book a minimum stay of 3 nights cus its during the holiday and im just gonna stay there for 1 night. Email reservation is fast and hassle free!! they did ask for ur credit card details, but its to confirm your booking and they will no deduct anything from your card unless u have a no-show. Upon check-in, they will ask if you wanna pay via cash or allow them to deduct from ur credit card. the fees is about 350rm/pax. a lil bit more expensive cus im going on a Public Hols. Oh wells~~

Below is an excerpt from the Sibu Island Resort Website:

Sibu Island Resort Johor, Malaysia

Bask in its wonders for retreats, adventures, and team building.
Sibu Island Resort is Johor’s idyllic island getaway, off the East Coast of Malaysia.  Enter it and you are entering a private world unlike any other, poised to become Malaysia’s preferred island holiday destination offering premier off-shore retreat, adventure, corporate teambuilding and spa. (Google Map)
On par with international environmental standards, the island’s own desalination plant provides unlimited fresh, clean water for its inhabitants. 
Tucked away in a private corner of the South China Sea, you can be assured of a sanctuary from the daily pressures with the holistic answer to refresh body and mind, and rejuvenation to the spirit. Four white, sandy beaches and seven dreamy islets around the island are just waiting to be explored.

All it takes is a 30 minutes journey by boat from the picturesque Tanjung Leman jetty.

Here comes the photos!!!

Me waiting at Teman Leman Jetty!!
Since a picture speaks a thousand word, let the picture do the talking!! =)

Well, i read online that there is a mini zoo there, and im so looking forward to it. and the first animal i saw when i reach there was.... a SLEEPING peacock =.=

SLEEPING peacock
I think its a turkey??
Well, the unique thing about the resort is that the animals are allowed to roam freely on their own, so i decided to take some photos with the deers!! hahaha!!

a far away shot!
Since deers are shy in nature, whenever i get close to them, they'll run away immediately. until i spotted this deer lying comfortably near a bench, so i mustered all my courage, and sat as near as possible...

then even nearer. *well, im scared that the deer suddenly move or decide to use its hind leg to kick me u see...*

Then i spotted a WHITE deer!!! ^^

Welcome to SIBU ISLAND RESORT!!! *i think my shirt blends in well with the surrounding?*

Another nice shot of the green scenery~~

Last but not least, a shot of the reception area!!

TADA~~~  that's all for part 1!!
Stay tune for part 2!!



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