Ice Skating- for a good cause! (Sort of)

Credits to Google

I attended a sort of charity event by my company! We basically just planned a whole day of fun and hung out with kids from broken families to just give them a day of joy.

And when I say "we", I mean they. I didn't do anything except show up for the second half of the event as a last-minute volunteer due to a shortage of volunteers. Hehe.

It was so exhausting to play with kids! I can't believe I used to have that much energy as a child.
We went to Jcube for some ice-skating (expenses of volunteers paid by us, the volunteers. LOL. I can't believe the company wouldn't sponsor).

Here's the awesomely huge rink!

Credits to thesummerscents

In case you were wondering, I paid $17.80 for skates ONLY. They go by fixed time slots of 2 hours each, I was in the 5:30-7:30pm slot. 

Penguin Skating Aid Rental is HERE. No longer "coming soon". Hehe. Credits to charbearbear.

I can't skate to save my life, but I found myself whizzing on ice round after round because some pro kid kept dragging me everywhere she went. Pretty fun once I got over the terror! ^^

Then she spent the last hour of skating trying to push me so that I would fall down, since I haven't fallen. Kids.

After that, we just went back to the venue and catered McDonald's. Kids love them some McDee's! ^^

Ice cream cones were handed out as a surprise! Cornetto, I believe. One little girl was so sweet, she wanted to put the ice cream cone into her bag to bring home to her little brother. I'm like, that's so going to melt. And she was like, what?? *shock*

Credits to giventodistractingothers

She already had french fries in her bag for her brother. I can tell you, the inside of her bag is going to be so salty and oily, but she was all whatever, I don't care.

Noms over, they went home. Noisily.

No photos were taken because... well they were frankly too hyper. I can't take my eyes off them for one moment without one falling down or something.

I'd call it a day well spent though!

A photo of le tired me when I got home. 

Credits to... Me! HAHA lol

PS- Erm, I'm a blur person. I went to change the labels of my previous posts because I realized some are stupid... halfway through, I realized that every post I edited showed "published on 16 June". LOL. So I went back and gave bogus nonsense dates to some... and then I'm like, whatever.


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