I've been accepted into Murdoch! ^^

Yay! After a string of bad events, I finally have some good news!

My relationship ended on a rather sad note, leaving me heartbroken (fragile creature as I am teehee).

I was so distracted at work that I got my supervisor and manager mad at me (I deserved it though lol).

Couldn't sleep at night, pimples galore!

Dropped my NEW laptop, cracked the casing.


I have been accepted into Murdoch University!

I'm taking a double degree and will be awarded a Bachelor of Commerce. The name is bloody long, so I can't remember it yet. I'm taking Hospitality and Communications.

This will be in Singapore, so I'll be studying at SMF Institute of Higher Learning! If any one of you are in this school, it would be so awesome if you could let me know! Then I wouldn't feel so alone. It's such a scary feeling to start in a new school, don't you think? :(

REALLY hope that this school has good teachers. And that I'll have friendly classmates. Hehe.

EDIT: I received some other acceptance letters so... I went elsewhere. Main reason: Not many people seemed to have heard of SMF, but almost everyone has heard of SIM. So yep, for my future employability, I am now a student at SIM Global. Wooooo~


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