Photo Post- Anna

Hm, I've been wondering what to call these posts that's full of photographs... I'm sure I'll come up with something... eventually...

It has been so hectic at work, I feel so exhausted! On top of that, I've been having trouble sleeping, so I feel extra dreadful.

I feel so down that I'm working both Saturday and Sunday this week! Well, at least it's just for another month or so. I tendered my resignation last week. It was handed back to me because I didn't have an envelope... but I guess the date's still unchanged since HR was already informed. ^^

So the following photos are random ones, not just from this week, but hey, photos are photos! :)

Just realized I had one more unopened lipstick! Revlon's Wine with Everything ^^

My bff brought me to Hifumi at Plaza Sing. Going to do up a blog post on this restaurant!

Discount on Magnum Mini's at NTUC. Yums!

Finally met up with my good friend from JC! My first time eating at Sarpino's at City Square... meh.

Photo with my #forever young colleague :)

It was SO difficult to get this Little Red Riding Hood hello kitty!

And woah, I've got more followers on Instagram now! I wonder how many are real people, and how many are, you know, shadow accounts.

Btw Xiuhua Unnie, I've been meaning to tell you... You look so fantastic in those vacation photos! Are you sure you're exhausted from work? Because you sure look great being exhausted! ^^ Either that, or the vacation did you much good!


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