Snapshots with Anna

Another week came and went!

This week, it was especially tough getting the hello kitty from McDonald's! My supervisor wants to get one for her childhood friend, and she got all of us colleagues to help, but we all failed. Kitties were all sold out before we woke up, since everyone began queuing at midnight... Or so it seemed, from the mass of photos uploaded onto social media overnight. T.T

Ey, how? "Snapshots with Anna"- nice anot? Heheheheh

Le me sitting on the floor because my phone cable couldn't reach my bed LOL

My favourite cropped top! The only one that doesn't make me look stupidly proportioned.

My life is boring, small things excite me. LOOK, a knot in my ramen!

Made a mistake at work, so a colleague tried to cheer me up. It worked pretty well, thank you!! ^^v

And... my bow makes another appearance! ^^
I've resigned! I just have a little under two weeks of work left!

Now to start worrying about where I'm going to get money from, since I don't want my parents to know I need money, and well, I will need money since I won't be working when I'm in school. Hais.

Money issues. Money is EVIL. Yet necessary. Oh so necessary. T.T

Oh a brighter note, OMG I was so happy to see the sun today!! I normally don't like the sun, but all the haze... well it made me appreciate sunlight and "fresh" air a little more. Hehe ^^



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