Xiu's Sibu Island Trip Part 2

Well, thanks to the haze, finally i have some time to sit down peacefully at home to blog. and truthfully speaking, I miss blogging. So much has been happening in my life and yet I dun have time to blog about them!! Luckily hardworking nana is going on strong to keep this blog going!! THANKS!!! ^^

Some of u might know, I work at the runway near changi airport. and one fine day, the changi tower just disappear outta my sight. so i went NEA website to check out the PSI and i see 391!! I was like.....WTH!!!!! and true enough, the next day, we received notice to stop work. On a sidenote, i heard that n95 mask as well as air purifier are just simply flying off the shelves like hotcakes!! talk about the kiasu-ness of Singapore. If we're ranked no 2, no other country (maybe C***A) will admit that they're no 1. HAHA~~

Now, back to my Sibu Island trip!!

Since im there already, I decided to go snorkelling!! Was quite excited cus its my FIRST time snorkelling!!!
However, the staff at sibu island warn us that this is a low jellyfish season. there are some jellyfish swimming about and they wont attack. just avoid when u see jellyfish and u'll be fine. a lot of tourist went for snorkelling   and they came back unscathed. she also advise us to wear long sleeve shirt and pants. but who in the hell will bring long sleeve shirts and pants to a sunny island???? beats me too....

We decided to go for snorkelling in the end. I was the one who made decision actually cus my fren actually went before....in my heart im thinking: walau, i wun be so suay de. later when i see jellyfish, i'll just swim away!! =D

In another 15mins, we boarded a speedboat and headed towards the island~~ hehe....and the speed boat ride is quite fun as well!! with the strong wind blowing at ur face! WOOTS! its about a 15mins ride away from sibu island. I cant exactly remember what the island is called. haha....

a very excited xiu!!
ok, the sua-ku me didnt rili know how to wear the life jacket properly, so my fren helped me. and now i am, all geared up and ready!!

Din manage to take any photos while im in the water cus my camera isnt waterproof...well, the water is quite clear, did see some small fishes but there's no those exactly big and colourful ones which u see on the tv when they introduce rendang/tioman. but i did see a small nemo (clown fish). haha.

Gulp some seawater down my stomach as i din know how to use the snorkelling gear. mayb im too used to breathing thru my nostril??? (some imagination is required here...) im supposed to bite the mouthpiece tightly and breath thru my mouth. instead, i bite the mouthpiece loosely, tried to breathe thru my nostril, which i realised i cant breathe, and opened my mouth to breathe. at this instance, i drank some sea water. and i tell you, its saltier than the water in sentosa =.=

Luckily my fren was there to guide me. we managed to siam a number of jellyfish tgt and manage to see some beautiful sight on the seabed. we dare not go further into the water as we see more and more jellyfish coming to the surface. Well, im seriously after of getting stung by one. cus i wun know if that particular species of jellyfish is poisonous. but i do hear of a old remedy. urinate on the place where u get stung / pour vinegar. i told myself if i rili get stung, i'll just ask around for urine! HAHAHA!!

After 30mins or so, i got tired. So i decided to come up for a breather and to CAMWHORE!! haha...

all wet and drench after snorkelling!
the sight i see from the island. look at the blue blue water!
a selca of me with the calm blue water!
there's 2 kinda jellyfish but this species is more obvious due to the colour, the other one is invisible/white in colour
no, im not gg to do anything stupid! haha
like this photo a lot!! =D
the tide is so strong that i cant even seat properly!!
panorama shot of the island!!
then i decided that it was too hot and i went into the shades!! HAHA
Sun, pls dun shine om me. i wanna remain FAIR!!!
The quiet and peaceful island~~
After resting for some time, i decided to go back into the waters again. din wanna waste the money that we spent to book this 2 hours for snorkelling! so im all geared up once again to go snorkel, WHEEEE~~~

but this time round, I wasnt so lucky. Upon going down, we realised that there are more and more jellyfish. we keep diverting our routes cus we kept seeing jellyfish. and during one faithful diversion, when we're escaping from the brown colour jellyfish, we bumped into the colourless jellyfish...

And all these happened too quickly that i dun even have time to react!! all i know was, there's stinging and burning sensation on my right arm! as if a colony of ants was on it. and i got stung by the same stupid colourless jellyfish not once, but TWICE! am i really that lucky?? after that, my body started shivering. my fren faster rescused me to shore. my fren got stung too, but only at the fingers. i got stung on my arms, both the upper and lower part... T.T

Upon reaching the shore, i asked if anyone wans to pee. no one wans. even myself. so i wave frantically despite the burning sensation to the speedboat driver. he came over immediately and i told him i gt stung. he looked for the medical box immediately but he couldnt find. so he send me back to sibu island immediately where vinegar is easily obtained.

During the boat ride back, I can enjoy the beautiful scenery at all. All i felt was the burning sensation on my arms and the patch is starting to swell, like a giant mosquito bite =(

medical attention was given to me once i reached the shore. vinegar came, towel came, ice bag came. however, the pain did not subsized even after loads of vinegar was being poured on it. after that i was sent to the medical room where calamine lotion was being applied and the staff told me not to let my wound touch water for the next 1 hour.

my poor arm T.T
after some woo-ha, they arranged for a buggy to send me to my home cus i dun wanna walk under the hot swelling sun. so i sat at the reception and waited for the buggy to come. haha. and that exact same staff which warned me about the jellyfish kept apologising to me. but it wasnt her fault. can only blame it on my own luck. who knows that i will bump into another jellyfish while avoiding another one??

Upon reaching the room, since i have to wait for an hour before i can bathe, i camwhored. HAHA!!
brave girl! u can withstand the pain!!
after bathing and everything, we headed out for dinner. came across this place which i decided to take a funny picture, captioned: 向左走?向右走??

Well, the food was only so-so for all 3 meals, so no pictures. i opt for the buffet but i realised that the ala carte food looks more appetising.... *drools*

after dinner i went for a stroll and i see peacocks everything, literally everywhere. remember i told u the one special thing about this place is that animals are able to roam around freely?? haha. If u miss it, please go read Xiu's Sibu Island Trip Part 1 =D

Well, that marks the end of my Sibu Island Journey. Well, i did have an enjoyable trip, considering that i gets to snorkel and stung by jellyfish, managed to play one complimentary ride for flying fox, get to take close shots with deer, walked extremely near to a turkey, get stung by mosquito, get close to nature earth....

And ya, the reception is damn bad, good for those who dun wan their phone to keep ringing when u're overseas. its not that u dun wanna pick up the phone call, its the reception that is too bad for them to make the call thru!! =p

It costs ard 700RM for 2 pax for 2D1N. Do visit their website for more details if u're keen!!!!


p.s. guess what i did for revenge. the first meal i ate when i came back to singapore was JELLYFISH at a sushi restaurant, talking about sweet revenge....haha~~~


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