Have you visited Classy Geeks yet? ^^

Classy Geeks has gained over two hundred followers on Instagram since their inception at end May! Check out their instagram for latest updates @classygeeks

Or better yet, follow them! ;P

Want to wear a fashion trend but not sure how to pull it off? 

Read up on some Geek Tips for their suggestions on how to wear a certain style! http://classygeeks.blogspot.com

You can also shop on their blog with the easy navigation on the right! ^^

Have a look at their latest collection, Mini Dresses!

Here's a lovely studded dress from BeBe, bought in USA. Genuine BeBe!!
And a sweet toga dress with sequin details on the shoulder!^^

Also from this collection, but sort of weirdly stuck in there like a last minute addition is a cute romper (BRAND NEW from Ohvola). It's ok to be weirdly stuck into this collection because it's cute. Lol.

If dresses aren't your thing, you can also shop from their previous collection, where they have  various high waisted shorts, denim shorts and even a cute Mickey Mouse tee- mostly $10 or below!


Let's all help to support Classy Geeks, shall we? ^^v

Classy Geeks are open to trading as well!
Many of their instocks are not yet uploaded onto Instagram.
Feel free to ask if they have something that you're looking for,
and maybe they can trade with you before the item's official launch!

This is a first time, brand new initiative for any online shop (according to me!).
Classy Geeks will be holding their very first Geeks Open House!

They will allow interested buyers/traders to view the items in person before any transaction (by appointment only). Follow them at their instagram, twitter or blog to be updated on more details about their Geeks Open House!

Ending off a post with a selfie I took that made me look like I'm wearing my birthday suit- unintentionally! Hahaha

Is it just me, or is the haze making your hair nasty as well? I've been washing it so much so intensively that it's drying up more than ever! LOL

***LOL Do note that this post was written a few nights ago***
I'm well aware of the hail and considerably good weather that came after the haze. :)

UPDATE: Classy Geeks is now on hiatus!


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