Random Ramblings

We've been so busy that we haven't been as active on this blog!

Xiuhua, it's so fun to read about your blog entry, even if it's so long, but I love all the photos! Your niece is definitely being influenced by you to camwhore!!! :P And so cute, she's like a little crocodile hunter. I would just squat next to the crocodile and show a peace sign, but she's much better at posing! Haha!

I don't know where to start! I guess this post will be just a miscellaneous mix of events.

I've found some odd jobs to do here and there, but my friends said that I'm a slacker because I don't have a full time job anymore! I do have my slack days, but when I'm busy, I'm quite busy ok! Hahaha

Anyway, I have to show my love for almonds. I read somewhere that it's bloody good for health and encourages the growth of healthy, glossy hair! But the Chinese believe that it's "heaty" food, so I try not to eat too much.

Another reason is because it's expensive, so I can't eat it too often- my wallet doesn't  permit it. Teehee.

One handful of almonds is enough healthy goodness for the day! Or week. I'm not sure.

Before I quit my job, we went out to eat! No photos during the steamboat buffet as I was late. By the time I arrived, they had all tucked in! It was just 3 people, but it's considered a miracle as we all work shift, so it's very hard to meet up.

It's fun to edit excessively sometimes HAHA

We were at Bugis Junction and came across this Smurfs Photo Booth! Free photos!!! Lol. 

This was what I wore that day. An oversized top is a MUST when I attend any buffet! ;P

My wardrobe finally arrived! I'm so happy. I've been living out of my luggage ever since moving home, and we're still in the middle of renovation. I'm still in the middle of shifting all my belongings from the old apartment to this one, but happily doing so as it's always great to be back in my HOME! ^^v

And now I shall end this post before I ramble more and more...


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