Snapshots with Anna

You know what, I really think photos are more interesting than words... which is why I prefer Instagram over Twitter. And I'm stoked that they've introduced the 15-second video function- with filters!!

Then again, photos are only nice if you know the person, or if you're a fan of the person... or if you're the person in the photos... hm... regardless! Ta-da!

I love it when I look like I have A LOT of hair!! Because I actually believe I'm balding. :(

#tbt I found an old photo of me at the Titanic exhibition, don't I just blend in so well to the background? Lol.

#OOTD My cute denim outerwear and Zara bucket bag! It's not a bucket but I like to call it my bucket bag. Hehe.

A closer look at my bucket bag, with unintentional wind blown effect when the fan swung around in my direction! Whee~

A selfie, just because.

Received this little piece of encouragement the other day, aw... :)


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